Topic: Hi everyone i just joined i am still seeking answers all over the internet for my Gameboy cartridge

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This guy contradicts himself on the last statement.
He says its rare, then says it's common.
I'm going with the latter since I got it in a lot of Japanese "junk" carts and assumed it was one of the filler games in the lot, with the real draws for me being SaGa 2, Aretha 1, Chalvo-55 and Kaeru no Tameni (Zelda DX and DQ3 were nice extras, though I still have my DW3 I bought when it was new).



KingMike wrote:

I've never seen an official GBC dev cart like that before.
I find it incredibly suspicious that the GB logo does not say "Nintendo" on it, but I can't find any different images of a Robopon cart and I've never owned the game so I don't know if it's legit or not. I have heard Robopon had a unique alarm clock feature so maybe that warranted a battery door.

But I don't see why Pokemon Gold should have that special cart when the retail cart was definitely normal shaped. The only reason I can think of is if it was a Robopon dev cart originally and someone overwrote it with Pokemon.
I'm also susprised it doesn't say "Color" on it, either. According to the Japanese box, it says Robopon should be compatible with both the original Game Boy and GBC (and the US box is missing the "ONLY FOR GAMEBOY COLOR" icon in the corner of GBC-only games). But I have to wonder if this game would fit in an original model Game Boy like it should. I'd expect a little hole in the right side of the cart.
Here's the first image I found on Google Images of an official cart. Note that upper-right corner. How it's not square? If you don't know, that was a cart-lock feature on the original full-size GB. The power switch was on top and the switch would slide over to block the cart from being removed while the power was turned on. GBC-only carts (the clear ones) will block that switch to prevent the power from being turned on.

(So the question is... does the actual Robopon work on a GB Pocket or Super Game Boy, let alone the original?)

i have not had a GB pocket in years but i do have a super gameboy i will try that later and maybe a gameboy player I got this from a Pawnbroker where you sell stuff or pawn stuff for money it was very very cheap they did not know what it was neither did i so i brought it anyway ! i believe it is Dev related but the question currently unsolved is where it came from originally and what type of cartridge it is



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