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i actually got it today i though didn't get the gameboy i got the GBC edition which was very surprising to me for just paying 6 dollars with shipping ^^ and the only thing that looks messed up a tiny bit is the cover it has a little white spot on the very top but the title and everything is perfectly seeable. and i'm enjoying it alot

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Hey Tails, hurry up and lets play Mariokart. Have my # and lz's on my other thread.
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metroid II is a good choice, but thats the only thing i can recommend because i dont have any

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure!
Trust me; if you love the movies... you may want to try & find the actual GameBoy game compared to the NES one! I still wish I could find the game too!

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okay guys i have made up my mind for the next 2 games there gonna be Game and Watch #3 and WarioLand Super Mario Land 3

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Corbie wrote:

Get Link's Awakening DX before you do another thing.

Listen to this man. Notice I made a minor tweak.

Once you do that, get these

Wario Lands 1 & 3
the Zelda Oracle games
Pokemon RBY
Final Fantasy Adventure
Mario Tennis
Kirby's Pinball Land
Metroid II
Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
Super Mario Land I & II
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (If you don't have any other version of Puzzle League)
Gargoyle's Quest
Pokemon Gold/Silver
Donkey Kong '94
Game & Watch Gallery 2 & 3

That should be enough for a while.

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