Topic: Have you played NES DuckTales?

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As a kid, I borrowed it from a friend at school so for a short while but not recently. I remember enjoying it though.

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I have a copy. it's one of Capcom's best NES game's which is saying a lot because Capcom had a ton of great games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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I've got a copy too. And whenever i think of NES DuckTales, it instantly takes me back to a kickin' hot retro summer where i split open my foot from a whacky slip in slide 'glass' Ducktales defintily got me through that Stitchy time. Great game! And yes...It's better than Capcom's other funktastic effort Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

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Nah. I played the GB one though. Great game, and I still have a physical copy - luckily they're still pretty cheap nowadays.

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I own a copy since the 90's. It is one of my favorite games for the NES.



Had it not. Borrowed it from my cousin.
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Yes. And Duck Tales 2. I've got them both in my NES game collection

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Nope, but I had (and still have) Donald Duck's Quack Shot for the Sega Genesis. That was a great game also!

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never played it, but i assume this thread was made in celebration of the remake announcement?



Yes, I have, and I think it's a really good game despite its brevity

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It was one of the first games I ever beat, along with Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers and Kirby's Adventure. I preferred the latter 2 games but Ducktales is so nostalgic for me.

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bezerker99 wrote:

DuckTales for the Nintendo Entertainment System was probably my most rented game growing up. I would rent it almost every weekend. XD

Same here. The only thing that would prevent a rental was if someone else had grabbed it from the store first!

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I own it, yes. It's still one of my favorite games- there's no game quite like it.

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