Topic: Have any of you beaten Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 100%?

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@PA: he's welcome to play a game however he likes. i usually bounce around between games as well instead of playing one from beginning to end before starting another. :3

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well I usually do that to be fair - just concentrate on one game then move onto the next. I've decided to take a new approach and just play what I fancy now - I might get through more games that way with any luck.



Have all you peeps who have 100% on Ocarina, done the Master Quest?



No, but that reminds me. I downloaded Ocarina of Time on VC and still have not played it and that was quite some time ago.



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I've just recently completed both at 100%. Yes, Trin, same deal with Master Quest.

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Yes, I completed both 100% way back when. Collected 100% of everything there was.

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On the zelda trio of virtual consil games i currently own (LoZ, OoT, and LttP), Im stuck on the dark world mountain thing in LttP, just got spin attack in OoT, and I have one triforce piece in LoZ. The problem is that I buy way to many games at one time instead of beating one and then moving on...


Majora's Mask: I don't even own the game at all, physical or digital.

Ocarina of Time: No, but I'd have to start over since I used a room-changing glitch that let me get over 200 Gold Skulletas (terminology be darned).

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Ocarina, I've fully completed.
Now I'm going minimalist+broken giant knife, and I've only got Bongo Bongo and Ganon's Castle.

In Majora's Mask, I've collected all the masks twice, but never all the hearts (I think I've had 16 or so), I didn't get all the Great Bay fairies either.


I've played OoT through thousands of times, but never 100%. I can't ever get motivated to get all the skultulas. I've gotten 100% on Majora's Mask, though

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No, I've beat Majora's Mask 100% a few times, but I'm still missing 4 skulltulas in OoT, but I have never had a guide, so I consider it a worthy accomplishment. I have beaten Ocarina more times than I can count.

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Yes, I got 100% with OoT and MM. Though, I didn't do it myself, my brother did.


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Haven't played through Majora's Mask yet, but I recently replayed Ocarina of Time and did a 100% run.

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yes, multiple times. all versions.


I've finished both but can never find the time nor inclanation to 100% them. The payoff just doesn't seem worth it to me.

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Nope. Only beat OoT once, and am working on Majora right now. Currently also working on a second runthrough of Ocarina, though I'm nit trying to beat it 100%. I must say, though, OoT has a pretty good way of telling the player where to go next; MM, on the other hand, not so much.

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