Topic: Hardest "The Legend of Zelda NES" Dungeon?

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I have recently gotten The Legend of Zelda for my 3DS for Virtual Console, so did my brother. It is a very fun game but can be difficult at times.

Now, this isn't the type of topic asking what is the hardest dungeon in the ENTIRE ZELDA FRANCHISE. No, just the first NES game.

I'm not done with the first quest just yet but I'm preparing myself for Dungeon 8. The hardest dungeon I have beaten so far is Dungeon 6. It is hard BECAUSE OF TOO MANY OVER-POWERED WIZZROBES!!!!!!!!!

What would be the hardest Dungeon you played in the game? First and/or second quest.

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Second quest level 7 undoubtedly. Blue Darknuts and fireball spiting statues. Many times over. You'd think that the slowdown resulting from all of that would help but it doesn't (amazingly it seems the FDS original version didn't have slowdown but only the NES port).
(I can't remember now if Nintendo was cruel enough to throw Wallmasters in the mix as well. )

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Ganon's dungeon in the original, mainly because of it's confusing limited Grey-schemed one note-wallpaper layout.



What do you mean you can't figure out where to go? You need to GO TO THE NEXT ROOM.
(though I think a proper translation would be "Go to the nearby room" and still be only slightly less confusing.)



Level 6 first quest. Blue wizzrobes.



Ganon's level in the Second Quest confuses me like crazy.

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I would also say dungeon 6. As a kid it was no sweat, but I replayed it a few years ago and found it to be much more difficult than I remembered.

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Level 5 or 6. I cna't remember

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Just beat the first quest for the first time and besides the final dungeon, I got to agree with Canis with level 5 and those Blue Darknuts.

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