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Neat, VC on DSi would be a good way to celebrate...hmmm...i guess not. Still pretty neat though, maybe I'll bust out my gbc in honor of this day (don't have an original game boy)

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It would be but that would make gamers happy, which is off-and-on a no-no at Nintendo.

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dude in nintendo power they did a section on it. dude that would be awesome. vc dsiware gameboy games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude even if they like 1000 points i get. that would be the best idea ever. lets e mail nintendo. special for the anniversary omg omg omg now im all excited lol!

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ya happy birthday!

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So it was 20 yrs ago huh, that I hid under my duvet with Turtles and a torch, praying my parents didn't catch me and confiscate it. Now I feel old. Happy Birthday Gameboy I love you!

What's your favourite Gameboy? mine is this bad boy...



Mine is the good old original Gameboy. I'll never forget standing outside of Toys R Us to get it the day it was released. I was just about to graduate high school and I actually had money then.

Plain old gamer :)


Ahhhh, I remember all my friends with their Game Boy Pockets, and I used to be in love with Super Mario Land and begged my Mum for one. Then that Christmas (1998) I found that Santa had delivered a Game Boy Colour and a copy of Mario Bros. Deluxe. In full colour! And I didn't stop playing it until I bought my DS (and even then I was still playing it because I'd bought Oracle of Ages and was shocked at the lack of backwards compatibility on the DS). 700+ hours of Pokemon Gold. Those were the days...

Yeah, reading someone else's childhood memories suck, don't they.
(And for the record, the DS is the best Game Boy in my opinion, because it was the first handheld system that wasn't just a device to put your Pokemon cartridge into. And 3 years later with the help of some hackers I got backwards compatibility working again. And the first thing I did was play Pokemon Gold. Yay! Also, if someone says that the DS is not a Game Boy then they are too affected by marketing and should be sent to a Communist country.)




Welcome to your 20s Game Boy, where hardly anyone remembers your birthday -- let alone gives you a gift!

It's pays to still be young enough to drool and wear a diaper.

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I've only had the GBA, and about 4 games for it (2 of which sucked badly)

the sad thing about it was that i got the GBA about a month before they released the GBA SP

and i definitely prefer the GBA SP


Ricardo91 wrote:

Nintendo should capitalize on this occaision by starting the handheld VC.

multiple people mentioned that earlier

and it's kinda late for that now, since the anniversary was yesterday


Happy birthday (yesterday, I wasn't really on yesterday to say it), Game Boy! You gave us gamers the chance to play Nintendo on-the-go, and for that we will be eternally grateful. Plus, without it, we might never have seen Pokemon. My childhood would have been a lot more uninteresting and boring without Pokemon.

Im'ma eat some cake or something because of this, and possibly dust off the ol' Brick for an epic session of Pokemon Yellow.

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FELICIDADES GAME BOY!!!! Happy birthday GAME BOY!!!!

Is the best .... one time, it falled in the fire, and after .... I CAN PLAY !!!!!

P.D sorry, but my english is very bad xD

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I didn't have a Gameboy until the GBC game out. I had a Game Gear instead. I made do with the power-guzzling system by getting the potato-sized battery pack or using the adaptor.

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