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LinktotheFuture wrote:

I don't get why people think the game is so difficult. It isn't if you level up. Don't try Death Mountain until all your stats are at least 4, and you'll be fine.

Even if all your stats are maxed out, there are still knock backs into pits and of course the final dungeon.

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Electricmastro wrote:

LinktotheFuture wrote:

I don't get why people think the game is so difficult. It isn't if you level up. Don't try Death Mountain until all your stats are at least 4, and you'll be fine.

Even if all your stats are maxed out, there are still knock backs into pits and of course the final dungeon.

final dungeon barely counts as hard. and really, there aren't nearly as many pits in zelda ii as there are in games like castlevania or ninja gaiden

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It sucks. It's hard because of bad design and nothing more. Your sword is too short, some of stuff is unnecessarily obtuse, several (if not most) of the dungeons is downright unfair, and whoever thought it was a good idea to send players back to the castle after every game-over should be shot. Is it physically possible to enjoy it? Yes. Just as it is physically possible to enjoy having hot wax poured on your body. It is a masochist's game and no one else's.

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This game ticked me off to no end as a kid, especially the terrible ending after years of trying to finish it. Now, its more of a guilty pleasure for me (damn Thunderbird still kicks my donkey 90% of the time).

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I think it is quite good. (It is the only one that is like it so its still worth playing).

This could have done with some effort put into it much more than Windwaker.

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Amazing combat, but HARD



I ight get this on the esop for 3ds. Should I? I already have the original (Best VC game EVARR!)

Also this game reminds me of Terreria.

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It sucks. It wastes your time for no good reason, has a horribly balanced difficulty curve, inconsitent experience from enemies, mostly useless additions (NPC's) and plenty of glitches.

This game is challenging, but that's hardly why its bad. For some reason people seem to have gotten the impression that this game is hated only because of its high difficulty. If you want challenging NES games, there are plenty out there that do a better job.

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As far as I'm concerned Zelda II: The Adventures of Link is a good game. Yeah, it's not without its issues and could have benefited with slightly less difficulty, but its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. And honestly, I've always thought it to be more fun and preferred it to its predecessor, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.

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For me personally, I don't like it at all. I'd put it at the bottom if I ever ranked all the Zelda games I ever played.

But I can see why others like it, I don't see it as a bad game. It's just so radically different from any other Zelda that I just cannot get into it. I wonder what everyone's reactions were like at the time of it's release, when they were probably expecting a similar outing to the first game.

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If Link's sword had more range than a toothpick it would be a much better game.
(and also, where'd his alternate weapons go?)

I hear that in the Japanese version enemies didn't take EXP and didn't require fire to destroy. Between those "improvements" and GAME OVER RETURN OF GANON, someone who once worked for NoA NEEDS TO BE HURT!



@KingMike:There are a lot of improvements in the American version. Look them up. Overall, most people say the American version was better.

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BAD! yer a bad zelda! you go sit in the corner and think about what youve done!
you wanna go to jersey shore or heaven when you grow up? then youd better straighten yer act!

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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@ogo79 is lying to you lot, this game sits nice and snug next to his 50 copies of Earthbound... All the way to Pauly shore baby

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I really enjoyed Zelda II, despite it's hard difficulty. I really enjoyed grinding for the different levels. I guess it's another reason I enjoy playing Final Fantasy. I love going on a level grinding session. I enjoyed the side scrolling action, but I have always enjoyed those. The only turn off was the difficulty level. I can still tear through all three lives, even at full stats.

Despite it's difficulty, it's a great game which stands out among the series.

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KingBoo01 wrote:

I tried playing that game, and gave up due to its poor control, and steep difficulty. Honestly, its probably the worst in the series.

The game controls great and there's no way it even breaks the top 50 for hard NES games.

The game is tough but fair (except for exactly one room) and is just a blast to play - especially when you get the up and down stabs. One of my favorite games.

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Protip: Save the extra lives for tackling the last dungeon and it's easy as pie.


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I always loved the atmosphere of the game. To me there was something very unique about the visuals and music, a sort of ancient, moody feel.



One of the most underrated games of all time. It's brilliant. Even though even Miyamoto felt he could have done more with that game, what he already did was great. It's worth noting though that this game may have taken inspiration from Faxanadu. It introduced many staples to the series, including the magic meter, hammer and the names of the Six Sages (which at the time were towns).

Yes, it is difficult, but once you get past the learning curve, it's still enjoyable. it's the only Zelda game that's mechanically more like an RPG game. Not to mention, it introduced the epic Palace Theme music, which later made its way into Super Smash Melee as well.



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