Topic: Glucoboy Rarest Gameboy Advance accessory/game ?

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last topic for today ! is this the gameboy advance Holy Grail ?????
Blood Glucose Meter
retailed for $299 Australian dollars in 2007 on world diabetes day then disappeared in 2009 for $125 and vanished without a trace
2 built in games plus mini arcade
no longer sold in Pharmacies or Chemist
Sold in Australia only !
Diabetes Australia has not had any in stock for 3 years
Rarely if ever seen on Ebay
the website where you purchase this is disabled
in America and maybe Europe there is a sequel called Bayer Didget
link to picture >>> link to sequel >>>



Thats fascinating. O_o


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Well..., it's probably not the safest thing to buy used...

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there are also GBA-based tuning kits for cars and bikes

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