Topic: Genres you like that no one else seems to care about

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What genres do you like, but seem to get little attention otherwise?

For me, graphic adventure games. They were popular beginning with King's Quest in the late eighties or so, but fell out of fashion upon the decline of Sierra. They still have a cult following nonetheless and Telltale Games is contributing to a minor comeback.

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I can't think of any. With The Walking Dead adventure games have become popular again, so that goes away in terms of care from others.

I'd say visual novels, but the only ones I've played have been 999 and its sequel, and all I have to do to find people who like visual novels is throw those games in their faces, at which point they give them back to me pretty quickly because they were glued to their screens.

Maybe dating sims, but I haven't played any true dating sims, only hybrids with Persona 3/4 and Sakura Wars: So Long My Love. And it isn't hard for me to find Persona fans.

Generally speaking, if I send a crazy good game to somebody, a fan of the genre is born, regardless of genre. If the person is open-minded, that is.

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I said genres, not games.

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Shoot em ups are great casual games.
strategy rpgs usually my favorite kind of rpg

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none of my peers seem to understand the awesomeness of video games in general, so i'll have to say that. none of my peers care about games, so i'm usually the one at BINGO that doesn't have anyone to play with.


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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

I'm like the only one in my school who enjoys puzzle games. Its either you like face paced FPS shoot like crazy online games or GTFO. -_-

try being in a retirement home filled with people with no interest in video games except for fast-paced FPS games. i'm the only one in here that takes interest in games as a whole. everyone else just plays sports games or Call of Duty.


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Games are dumb anyways so I couldn't care less about what genres other people don't care about.

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If by "everyone" you mean everyone around here, then good RPGs, actual fighting games, non-realistic shooters (particularly of the space variety), indie platformers (or really any platformer that doesn't involve Mario or Sonic), strategy games that aren't Advanced Wars or Fire Emblem (including actual RTSes, which Pikmin is not), racing games that do not involve any kind of Tortoise shells, Action Adventures for something other than the tri-force, 3D Action Brawlers (period).

I should hope you see where I'm going with this...

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JRPG, RTS, bullet hell

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sports games like Madden. Too many people here hate that series..

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Beat em Ups
Arcade games
Platformers (when talking about average gamers)

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SNES beat 'em ups

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Nowadays Rhythm Games, since the plastic peripheral craze died out. No, I don't count atrocities like Tap Tap.

Outside of that, anything that's not a First-Person Shooter (don't like sports games). Ignorant pubescent boys make up most of the gamers I know.

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I like serious strategy games and a whole bunch of genres that don't get localised out this way (dating sims like Love Plus, for instance).

As far as this forum is concerned I also like RPGs (as in, real ones, not JRPGs). Western RPGs are a very popular genre, just not with Nintendo fans (who have never really had any good ones to play anyway).


While I like many genres, it's a shame games like waverace aren't very popular. Oh and futuristic super fast racers! Games like F-Zero and Extreme-G. I miss you Acclaim...

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This is a ridiculous topic. Every genre has its fans, so to say that there's some that "no one seems to care about" is a fallacy.
Yes, i do realize this post is pointless. But so is this thread.

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