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My birthday is in a few weeks: I just bought a Famicom GB micro because it is in mint condition (unboxed at $100), and my plan was to frontlight a GBC, which I haven't bought yet. I worry that if I play on my Micro too much, then playing a GBC afterwards will feel too old to play on. Is this true? Shall I get a GBC as well, just after I bought a GB Micro, and keep the micro in the cupboard? Or am I being silly? I wanted a GBC to play Pokemon etc on.

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I love my Micro, I think it's a real waste if you just let it stand in the cupboard unless you're sure you will eventually sell it. And GBC games don't look that bad, right? I've never owned one, so I don't know. All I know is that I still play my Gameboy Pocket without being annoyed by the graphics.

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Well just to let you know the Gameboy Micro DOES NOT play GBC games or older Gameboy games or accessories it only plays GBA games. So if you want to play the GBC Pokemon games well you are going to have to get either a GBC, GBA or a GBA SP.

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Sorry, I didn't phrase it right. I meant:

  • I just bought a GB Micro.
  • If I play on the GBM and then get a GBC later, I worry that the GBC will feel too old to play.
  • Should I get a GBC now, and play it first then after about 6 months play the GBM? After this amount of time I may feel accustomed to the graphics on both consoles.
  • I would definitely get both at some point.



If I were to get a Game Boy to play all the GB games ever, without needing more than one console, I would just go GBA SP.
The screen is bigger than the Micro(obviously), and if you get the brighter screen version, the colors and brightness are WAY better on the SP.
Micro was cool, but the GBA SP with the brighter screens is the overall GB king. You will never need more than one GB with that one, and GBC doesn't have a light.


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I am going to front light it. I hear what you are saying, but I'm a collector.



Thing is, I think the brighter SP (aka the AGS-101) is TOO bright for GB games.
The GBC gave original GB games a fairly bright high-contrast color palette to compensate for the GBC's dark screen. So that bright palette becomes very bright on the SP 101.



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If you want them both... Then get them both... If you get them both... Then play them both... They will look different, feel different, and play different, but it is not that big of a deal. You already know what to expect.



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For me I liked the GBC better no matter how old it may be, although everything has it's flaws.

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