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I used to be ashamed that I never played Ocarina of Time, but I fixed that mistake by downloading it and I love it. Now I wish I played a Mega Man game, but I should play that before long.

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PunnyGuy wrote:

Otaku wrote:

Kid Icarus Uprising

It's not even out yet! Besides, it's only in trailer form. No playable demo has been made (I think).

Maybe he means he's embarrassed because he hasn't played the demo...

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Dragon Quest IX


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I Have NEVER played a final fantasy or mega man game ... EVER


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Halo 3 and higher.

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Any of the Final Fantasy games
any of the mother games

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I've never played any Final Fantasy, any Zelda games (except for Wind Waker), and Banjo Kazooie.



A large majority of SNES, N64, and PC games...


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Great thread idea!
I'm going to get a giant slap in the face for this one.....

Zelda: Ocarina of time and Majora's Mask And I refuse to play Twilight Princess, the brown-ugly grey color cheme totaly turns me off and it looks unoriginal. As for Ocarina of time, I have played maybe 15 minutes of it back in the N64/PSX days but sadly I just couldn't get into it. Right off the bat the graphics blew me away, but even at that time i noticed the weak 'below 30' frame rate....

Now, I LOVE 2D Zelda, but again back in the N64 days as crazy as it sounds I was just too into my PSX to give a damn with either Zelda for the N64. While I enjoyed most of the other N64 classics like Super Mario 64 which was ground breaking-amazing, Golden Eye 007, Star Fox 64, StarWars, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, ect ect.

I guess I'm just a 2D Zelda fan....Even Wind Waker didn't do it for me which I just about beat. Yet I had a great time with Phantom Hour Glass. Anyways, ALTTP, Links Awakening remain my favorites of the franchise and I'll always have a soft spot for the original and Zelda II. Yet I'm INSANLEY looking forward to Skyward Sword, not only for the amazing looking engaging innovative motion plus controls, but because I love the art direction, it looks like A Link to the Past gone 3D, super colorful, surreal, beautiful, almost like a story book!

Anyways, I will eventually get down to playing Majora's Mask, but I think I will pass on Ocarina of Time for the N64 and get the remake for the 3DS

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Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. I bought it around this time last year, and it's still shrink-wrapped.

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JohnWalrus wrote:

PunnyGuy wrote:

Otaku wrote:

Kid Icarus Uprising

It's not even out yet! Besides, it's only in trailer form. No playable demo has been made (I think).

Maybe he means he's embarrassed because he hasn't played the demo...

If that's the case for Otaku, he's not alone. I haven't played the demo (if there is one) either.

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Mario Kart 3DS
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Not embarassed for not having played any of the games I havn't played



Perhaps I'm simply shameless, but I see no reason for embarrassment due to not playing a game.



Okami on Wii. My wife bought the game as a Christmas present two and a half years ago. I played for an hour or maybe two, then set it down and never returned to the game. Okami is a game that I really want to enjoy, and one that I wouldn't trade or sell... but the "right time" to settle in for this lengthy adventure just hasn't arrived yet.

More generally, anything sitting in my backlog for more than 6 months.


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Um...hmmm....uhhh...I dunno.

Maybe Mega Man

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Any good NES or SNES game from Nintendo.

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