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LordOtakWiiU wrote:

MGS 4, Peace Walker, Bayonetta, MHFU, Kingdom Hearts, KH2, FFX, FFXII, FFXIII, FFXIII2, FFV, FFVI, DQV, DQVII, DQVIII, RE5


omg u need to play FFVI AND FFX KH2

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FF6, and Earthbound 0 and 1(or Mother 1 and 2 I've seen my friend play them but I haven't played them), Luigi's Mansion, and Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem.

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Half Life 2, Minecraft.

Pretty much any console game ever.

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the Megaman Legends games that weren't ported to Nintendo 64, Star Fox, any Duke Nukem game, lots of PC games, lots of PS2/3 games, Psychonauts

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Super Princess Peach, my guess is that Mario fans didn't miss this game so I shouldn't have missed it but I did and I feel ashamed.

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I want to play Super Princess Peach now, and since it's made by the same people who did stafy I know I'll want to beat it as quick as I can

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I still haven't opened my Skyward Sword bundle, not even to look at the gold wiimote, and it's not because I'm trying to save it as a collector's item. I have such a backlog of Zelda games to play, I haven't even played the original, I know — gasp!

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The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past

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I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm "embarrassed" to have never played it, but given how much I love that style of Castlevania, it's a bit odd that I haven't actually gotten around to playing Symphony of the Night yet.

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Emaan1 wrote:

The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past

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Same here! Aside from 'watching' my best friend play it here and there during it's release on the SNES. Same deal goes for Super Metroid eek! And if you even wan't to consider Zelda: OOT retro, well than that too!

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(If you would call it retro), Final Fantasy X, any Metal Gear Solid, Diddy Kong Racing, Little Big Planet, any of the Mario+Luigi RPGs.

I also have Skyrim and Arkham City, but I have only played an hour of the each

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@WaveBoy, now that I think of it, I haven't played Super Metroid either!

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I haven't played a lot of critically acclaimed games. I wouldn't say I am embarrassed I haven't played a good video game though.

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Megaman 4-8,Super Mario RPG,Every main Final Fantasy game ever made(i only own IV The After Years for Wiiware and i used to have the horrible Crystal Chronicles),Super Metroid(aside from the Brawl demo).

I should really buy some Wii points cards sometime and get some of these games

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Mother 3.

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The Metroid Series. Namely Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, since I hear they are the best. I've just got my hands on Metroid NES, Metroid GBA, and Metroid Wii, but have yet to play them!

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