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The first video games I had were on the Acorn Electron - a tape cassette based system, which were a pain to load (and often wouldn't) so I don't miss the bulk and nuisance of those, though it would be nice to get a digital collection of them for old times sake.

I then moved on to an Amiga, which was a poor kid stuck in the country's dream as (copies of) games were passed around at school. The only legitimate game we had on that was Robocod, which I loved at the time but couldn't justify keeping an Amiga around to play it nowadays.

Since those childhood days I've only ever sold two games, and they were both Switch games that I couldn't get into and sold for a profit, so no regrets there either.

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Not a game but i wish i had my metal Transformers back. My collection spanned the entire 80's decade. At the time they cost around $2,000. Long story short my mom gave them to the Church for a fundraiser around 1990. Today the collection would be worth over $60,000.


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I was a stupid kid, and I got rid of a few Mario games. Namely, New Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and New Super Mario Bros Wii. The latter 2 aren't any more than $20 today, but NSMB2 is still like $30, and they're all pretty solid games. I'm sure there's loads more I can't remember (I traded in many games as a kid, don't do that anymore), but those are the three I remember.



Selling games was a mistake, but even more so when Gamestop started to give you less and less for them. I remember when I gave up on that when I sold a few games, some of which were of that gen and decently popular, and could only barely afford the sold super cheap at launch Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Its hard to regret games I now own again, even with the many stupid, stupid decisions I made (selling Melee, wtf?), But I really regret selling TTYD. Outside of Color Splash (which I still will likely get someday) its now the only Paper Mario I don't currently own. I was done playing with it at the time, but I have to admit, I had a real hype backlash reaction to that game after a while and sold it partially for stupid, stupid, petty, stupid and stupid reasons.

Like I sold games all the time back in the day. Ignoring when my parents threw out my NES and I sold my entire collection of those games (so selling those games made sense instead of trying to find a new one in 1998), I probably sold 40+ games. But I got most of the really good ones back, outside of TTYD and a few really good extreme sports games.

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Thankfully, I never sold any of my Nintendo stuff as a kid, though we did throw out the boxes for a lot of our Gameboy games (I hate those boxes anyway, even if they're collectors items these days). I did get rid of some old PC games that I later regretted, though replacing them wasn't expensive.

I do occasionally sell games these days, but I always make sure to think it over first to make sure I won't regret it later.

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Not a game and didn't sell it, per se, but my brother and I had the entire collection of Nintendo Powers from the first issue before it was even called Nintendo Power yet (it was called Nintendo Fun Club Magazine or something like that). I left them at my parents' house when I went to college, and when they moved across the country they just threw them out or something. It made me sad.


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I still have my games from when I was a kid. The biggest regret I had is when I traded my N64 for for a Gamecube along with all of the games. Lucky for me I have rebought them over the years but still it hurt that I had to do that.

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@UmbrageHill All the posts make me sad. Nothing makes me madder than parents who steal their children's belongings and throw them out without permission. Yeah I get it, they're the parents, but just once I'd like karma to hit them and have someone throw out something THEY loved. Let's see how they feel. No one has respect for other people's belongings anymore.



Most parents who throw stuff like this out don't do it maliciously. They're usually just ignorant to the value of what they're throwing out. Should something ever happen to me, I'll make sure to specify not to simply dump a lot of my games on a garage sale or pitch them as some DO have value. (They'd likely sell almost everything game-related as I have no heirs, plus the rest of my family isn't into gaming.)

The only instance I know of is when a co-worker told me their dad sold their Game Boy without asking them if they still wanted it when they were a kid. The parents were divorced, so the dad only had visitation rights every other weekend; the system was left at his house. Needless to say the dad is a piece of work

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Everything that I ever decided to sell or trade-in.

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@CurryPowderKeg79 I had the metal Dinobots as a kid, didn't know they were worth that much, will go cry now lol

As far as games go, I really don't regret selling/trading any of them to be honest. Pretty much any game I had as a kid is available in some way shape or form nowadays so it's still available somewhere. With varying degrees of effort to acquire obviously. Definitely wont be the same for my kids as they grow up probably but everything I had as a child I can get so no regrets at all.



Anywho, to keep with the topic since my previous post strayed a bit....

I haven't regretted selling many of my games since the ones I did sell tended to be lemons from when I was a kid. The only games I do regret selling (or giving away in some cases) are WarioWare Touched! (though my sister still has it), Paper Mario: Color Splash (Actually a decent game IMO, but at the time I didn't think I'd want to play it again), and the handheld Harry Potter games done by Griptonite before EA took over development. Besides the Pokemon games, I'm pretty sure the GBC version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was one of my first RPGs.

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Not a game but I had a Disney Adventures sub from 94 to 97 and a few issues in 92 and 93. I've always been a bibliophile and I just didn't have the room for all of those plus the books I kept getting. I literally had a shelf break in my room. I got the sub when I was in the hospital and then home bound for several months as a kid so I associate them with healing (and some painful memories too). I deliberated for weeks when I decided to trash them but ended up doing it anyway. Oh well.

Games: I only wish I'd never sold my NES and collection when I was 7 for 25 bucks. My only regret is that I've yet to replace my power glove...although that is for the best. I'm too old to wear that in public and if I owned one I totally would. Just like Triforce Johnson.

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I generally look back and regret selling any of the games I sold when I was younger. But like most kids, I only considered the short term. I think most notably I regret selling Fire Emblem Path of Radiance on Gamecube as that game has never seen a re-release and used copies still command almost new or even higher prices.

Outside of gaming I wish I had taken better care of some of my things in general. I was pretty good at keeping my electronics in good condition but I had more than a handful of toys that I destroyed that would be collector's items now. Lots of Transformers and GI Joe stuff too. I also had a bunch of Gundam action figures that are beat to hell now too.

At least Lego are nearly indestructible. Short of burning them or smashing them with a hammer it's hard to damage those. But I lost a decent number and allowed a lot of kits to get destroyed to the point that it's hard to recreate them.

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