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I have a question. I just bought a boxed (used) GameCube from ebay. It was $100, and the box and console was in good condition, it came with two controllers, a gameboy player and the disk for it, and it came with [Metroid Prime, Waverace: Blue Storm, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Soul Calibur 1 (all boxed with instructions]. Did I get a good deal. There was $17 dollar shipping also. I think I did...



Yes!! The Gameboy Player would be worth half that amount. Plus you got some awesome games to boot.

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Oh good, I thought I got a good deal (especially from the Gameboy player) but maybe these games werent worth what I thought they were. Thanks



The disc for the Gameboy player is pretty valuable, it's often not included with the player itself. So it's awesome that you have it!

You got a good deal considering the Gameboy player + disc, and Smash Bros.



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