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Or you could just get a flash cart and use Lameboy.

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It would be the only reason to buy a DSi for me.

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Rensch wrote:

It would be the only reason to buy a DSi for me.


What handhelds do you think would be on it? Obviously GB/GBC, GBA and GameGear. But what else? Possibly G&W? I'd say Virtual Boy, as many others have said, but it wasn't exactly a success, and Nintendo knows that.

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Well, accordiing to the confirmation in Japan, (according to kombo) It will be

Game Boy games 500 DSiPoints
Game Boy Advance games 800 DSiPoints

At first, only first party titles will be released, if my source is right



There won't be a GBA, that was just last gen. You don't see Gamecube on the VC do you?

I think GB, GBC, Game and Watch, possibly Game Gear. That's all, but that's more then enough



Gamecube isn't on VC because of memory limits. (One GC game takes up more memory than a Wii is capable of internally storing.) GBA games for DSi make sense though, as you can't play GBA carts and no GBA game is more than 32 megs.

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