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Hey guys, how are you?

I am facing this problem with a GBA I just got from eBay. It seems to work fine, but after 5 minutes playing the game just start to slow down a lot. I tested different games and the same happens. Actually, if I just turn the system on, the logo appears in slow motion. Does anyone have the same issue? The funny thing is if I leave it alone for a while it comes back to normal, but if I start playing, it slowdowns again.



you may have been scammed

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It's either already broken, or a darn good fake.

Nice >:]

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First GBA or GBA SP?

The only think that I could think of besides the system being fake is original (first) GBA with bad batteries.



@Zuljaras The First GBA.
Actually, it started working fine, but sometimes it doesn't turn. I opened it and the system was all covered in corrosion. Don't know if it is fixable. Maybe I just lost some bucks



@caiodart Probably the system was in liquids etc. Maybe fixable but for professionals.



Ebay has a 30 day guarantee @caiodart so if it wasn't as advertised you can return it but you only have 30 days.

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