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Emaan wrote:


Super Monkey Ball [Gamecube]

o i had so much fun with that the first 2 monkeyballs were so fun



mieu-fire wrote:

o i had so much fun with that the first 2 monkeyballs were so fun

I know right?

So many memories of playing Super Monkey Ball 2 with my cousins. Such a blast. I still need to get the first game. The first two games are the best in the series.

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Street Fighter II Turbo for SNES! Choice of Hyper Fighting or Champion Edition, and up to TEN speed stars (using a code)=lotsa street fighting fun with a friend (or not-so friend if you beat them a lot ).

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Something that I like to play with my friends is Super Mario Brothers on the Wii Virtual Console, Using the DDR pad. Each of my friends get assigned 1 or 2 buttons, depending on how may are playing and it can get quite hectic.

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Super Smash TV

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