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@Kim Jong-II: Yeah, I only emulate games that aren't available any more. If they become available (and the company will make a profit) I buy them. Buying no-longer-printed games used results in no profit to the company, which is the same as simply emulating them.

I have never emu'd any DS, Wii, GBA, N64, or GameCube games.


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pixelman wrote:

Buying no-longer-printed games used results in no profit to the company

Actually, they lose (potential) money. Rather than buying that shiny new copy of TWEWY that gives Squeenix money, you decide to get a mint Condition Final Fantasy VI instead. eBay wins, Squeenix loses.

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Just me, but I thought if the game was no longer being published and the company does not have a petetion or whatever its called against the title (as nintendo does all their games) its not illegal to download the ROM. If I can buy the game, I buy it, If I cant and its something I really want Ill download (very very few games). Im all about supporting the publishers, I dont even buy used games unless the store doesn't have it new.

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