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Hey everyone,
Talking to my husband, I remember a game I used to play on NES and was awesome! But I can’t find anything anywhere! Does anyone remember the game which could be called Cyclops? It obviously was about a clan of cyclops I think in like caveman style outfits. The guy I’m thinking of in particular had a egg head, and a full beard. I think you ran around collecting dinosaur eggs or something but can’t be sure!



@Jezzka I just had a look and found a Konami game called Magic Cyclops. Oddly, all that seems to exist of this game online is a short video of the start screen. Nothing else, not even a screenshot. I wonder why that is? As for Cavemen games, there is Big Nose the Caveman and Joe & Mac, but I don't think they featured any cyclops.

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Pretty sure it's actually "Trog!"



@OorWullie I want to know so much more about that Magic Cyclops game. Why haven’t I ever heard of it? If there’s nothing else online about it why isn’t it on all those “rarest” and “most valuable” nes games lists? I feel like there’s some kind of mystery here.



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