Topic: Favourite VG Music of All Time?

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Mario Party Intro

Live and learn me too

And Mortal Kombat Theme,..



Ninja Warriors: 1st stage theme

Ninja Warriors: 1st stage theme Sega Mega Drive CD version

World Heroes: Hanzo's theme arranged (Neo Geo CD? version)

World Heroes; Fuuma's theme (Neo Geo CD? Version)

Fatal Fury 1: Raiden's theme (Neo Geo CD version. Do turn your volume up)

Fatal Fury 1: Geese Howard's theme (Neo Geo CD. Do turn your volume up.)

Fatal Fury 1: Micheal Max's theme (Neo Geo CD. Do turn your volume up.)

Fatal Fury 3/Real Bout Fatal Fury: Geese Howard's theme for the 1st round you fight him

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Hon-Fu's theme (Neo Geo CD version)

That's all for now. All I gotta say is that the Neo Geo CD has games with some of the best tunes ever.


Too many, but I do have a passion for VG music:
(Gameboy and NES)

Mega Man 3 (GB) - Shadow Man (i think) - an old favourite

Super Mario Land 2 (GB) - Graveyard - Simplistic and eerie for GB music

Legend of Zelda - Links Awakening (GB) - Manbo's Mambo

Parasol Stars Rainbow Islands (NES) - Intro Music - I can't find a video for it

A Boy and His Blob (NES) - Title Music, Earth and Blobonia - The game only had four tracks, but , and

Duck Tales (NES) - The Moon - a very complex piece. The artists were obviously very professional.

Shadowgate (NES) - Twilight - for a "scary" game, there were some more upbeat tracks on the OST

Parodius (NES) - more on them later with the SNES list - the NES music is pretty good though

Power Blade (NES) - Sector 4, 5 and 6 - One of my old NES games, so I have fond memories of the music , and

Probotector (NES) - Snow Field - another old game, though when I was young I didn't care much for VG music

Snake Rattle and Roll (NES) - can't remember quite which track

Nintendo World Cup (NES) - First Matches

That's enough for me for now.

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Sonic music and Mega Man music. Everytime I play a Sonic or Mega Man game I usually hum or "doo" to the music.

Zelda music is also epic.

And MadWorld has an AWESOME soundtrack.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


The music from Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana is very, very epic. I also liked the music from the Donkey Kong Country games, especially the song from Bramble Blast on DKC 2. Paper Mario 1 and 2 is also very good. And even though the music is supposed to be really good because it is a music game, I think that Rhythm Heaven's music is extremely catchy. Mega Man music is unbelievable and some of the only VG music I hum along to while I am playing and after I am done playing.

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