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So .. we recently just made vids on our channel of playin thru all the Mortal Kombat games ( Well the Retro ones anyway ) 1, 2 and 3 ...
Had so much fun playin them again and it just brought back so many memories ...would love to hear from u guys some good memories from playing these classic games ......

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I remember when the news media went nuts about MK1 in 1992. At the time, I didn't know any of the finishing moves, and they weren;t on the news broadcasts, so I didn't get what all the panic was about. Then, one day at a coin-op machine, the CPU-controlled Kano ripped my character's heart out...literally. My mind raced back to those news stories, and I thought, "this game's messed up".

At the same time, it was like a drug addiction, and I pumped so many quarters into those machines in just a couple of years. My mother wouldn't buy any of the home versions for me, so I'd go to my friend Chris' house. Eventually, I gave up on the series, though the first film looks and sounds pretty good on Blu-Ray.

I'm not a fan of graphic violence anymore, and to be honest, the more recent games disturb me much more than the older ones ever did. There's also been an increasing level of occultic content, which is one reason why I bailed after finishing "Deception" on the Gamecube. I've seen the two "Legacy" web series, and most of it was good...but the violence in the second was overkill. the only way I'd watch another film is if it was more like the 1995 feature.

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My favorite Mortal Kombat memory is playing it on the Genesis back in 93 with all the blood and fatalities at a friend's house. No way did I actually have a Genesis. Anyway, I thought it was so cool that I was playing such a violent game at 12 years old and our parents really had no idea about what the games was like.

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Going home as a kid and trying desperately to forget all the intense, realistic Violence I just saw...then watching Youtube Videos of it years later and wondering what the hell made it so frightening when I was a kid.

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Being at Disney Land(Around the release of Disney's Alladin back in the earlyish' 90's Which was the MAIN theme there along with the brand spankin new Toon town) and kicking the pixel junk out of some guy in his 30's who was playing as KANO in the original MK in this giant glorious Disney Arcade room. As always, I was good ol' sub zero. My dad actually video taped part of the match and the guy was stunned by my skills, looking at my father and saying..."HOW is he this GOOD? HOW?" lol

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i was still in middle school when i got my mk 2 trying beat it with lu kane i stayed up all night playing it untill i beat it i went school next day telling all my crew about it then i found cheat codes for it lol and beat game with all players...

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Watching my dad rage quit when he got up to Shang Tsung/Kintaro/Shao Kahn on hard in the beautiful SNES era. He's a big part of the reason I and my brother find The Achievement Hunter so hilarious.

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Preordering Mortal Kombat 3 on the SNES from Toys R Us. Back then preordering games was unheard off and even more unheard of were preorder bonuses. By preordering MK 3 at Toys R Us I got a MK 3 t shirt which I wore to school the next day. I remember all my friends and even a bunch of other people asking me where did I get that shirt and complementing it.

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I remember playing MK 2 on Genesis a ton with my dad but the old MK games just don't hold up as well today which I hate. Digitized graphics look awful and the games don't play as well as I remember but the memories are still good. At least MK held up better than Killer Instinct IMO. - Dayman
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My earliest MK memory is actually of the day I bought MK1 on Mega Drive. I was about 10 at that time and my mother took me to this toy shop to spend some birthday money. I actually went there to buy Street Fighter II, which was incredibly popular in arcade rooms back then. I've never heard of MK before, but it was right there in the glass cupboard, next to Street Fighter. I took a look at the back of the case and I saw this amazing style of graphics that looked like a movie, and the game had proper ninjas so I decided to get MK instead of SF (there was an SF machine in every bar, every arcade room, every pizza parlour...everywhere, so I thought I'd go with the unknown game because I could play SF easily anywhere).
So I got it and brought it home and played and played it - I don't remember if I liked it more than Street Fighter or not...I think a child of that age doesn't have "buyer's remorse" and is only concerned with playing the crap out of his new game, doesn't matter if it's good or bad.
So I played it a lot, but I wasn't aware of the blood thing and the fatalities (the Mega Drive version had a code to enable blood, but you didn't know unless you read videogame magazines, which I didn't at the time).
How did I discover about the proper MK?! Well, that summer me and my parents went to see some relatives in a village 100 miles from the city where I live. It was a very small village and relatively poor, but they had arcade machines everywhere (statistically speaking, they probably had more arcade machine pro capita than Rome!!) - no kids had a home console there because they didn't need one. One of the bars had a MK1 machine, and when I discovered it I was flabbergasted! Here was a game I played to death at home, but the blood and fatalities made it totally different and 100 times more appealing.
I was rather skilled at the game, so I entered the little circle of expert players and with time they agreed to reveal all the fatalities they had worked out. Yeah, those 10 to 13 year old kids had actually discovered all the fatalities (except Sonya's) by themself, just by playing and playing. Sounds impossible, but that's what a group of kids would do back then. I won't tell you how we discovered Sonya's fatality and how many years later I discovered that my copy of MK actually had blood in it because it's already a long post, but I want to say that MK holds a very special place in my heart.

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Printing from the internet all the fatalities/bability etc moves (I played it on PC) and bringing them to my young brother in law's playstation 1 to show him the moves. He's my main source for PS stuff to this day as I don't buy the thing.

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