Topic: Favourite Mario Levels

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Super Mario Bros.: underwater
Lost Levels: haven't gotten far enough
Super Mario Bros. 2: pyramid
Super Mario Bros. 3: giant land
Super Mario World: the buzzsaws
Super Mario RPG: the mansion
Super Mario 64: water world
Paper Mario: Dry Dry Desert
Super Mario Sunshine: the space platforms
Thousand Year Door: The Glitz Pit!
Super Mario Galaxy: the spider
Super Paper Mario: The Whoa Zone

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A few of my faves...

Rainbow Ride 64: I loved just long jumping off stuff and trying to land safely, wahooooo!
Bowser levels 64: Collecting red coins, mmmmm.
Pinna Park: The beach, the rollercoaster, the swinging ships graaargh!
Melty Molten Galaxy: Perhaps the most visually stunning Mario level ever!



Water World in SMB3 definitly stands out, along with the first World...Yet I hated the pipe World(like most people)



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