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So I'm starting a topic about Pokemon, which generation was your favorite and why?

Generation I : Red, Blue, Yellow (Kanto)
Generation II : Gold, Silver, Crystal (Johto)
Generation III : Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (Hoenn)
Generation IV: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum (Sinnoh)
Generation V: Black, White, Black 2, White 2 (Unova)

To start off, my favorite is Generation III. I love the Pokemon designs, the music, the Hoenn region, the looks of the trainers, love it all. Plus it seems to be the most unique one out of the five.

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II, of course. Johto was the bomb. The series was too new to yet feel repetitive, and some amazing features were added, such as times of day, genders, breeding, multiple ball types (aside from the basic Poke, Great, Ultra, Master), two new types (steel and dark)... plus it was the only generations to have two regions in one game. So yeah, I believe it's Generation II, hands down.

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Gen 2 is still my favorite. What with the introduction of two regions to explore, new Pokemon designs, new moves, new Pokemon types, a time mechanic, specialized Pokeballs, breeding, splitting special into two separate stats, hold items, shiny Pokemon, Pokegear and the connections to the first generation it still feels like, by far, the biggest step forward the series has made since its inception.

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I love the newest generation: V. It introduced seasons, fully animated sprites and status effects, more dynamic cameras and settings and has the fastest battle system with the modern detail of the main line, and it retains the awesome creature, trainer, environmental and music design of the series. Many of my current favorites got their first appearence in Pokemon B/W too, such as Sawk, Zebstrika, Samurrott, Stoutland, Gigalith, Sigilyph, Garbodor, Swanna, Sawsbuck, Galvantula, Stunfisk, Druddigon and several more.

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Johto from the 2010 and then Johto from 2000,2001. I like the current feel but i still love the feeling of pokemon in the early 2000's. everyone wearing baggy jackets and odd fitting shorts and T-shirts lol. Tuck your shirt in your pants Pokefan! plus the second region after the elite four makes you feel like you accomplished something for another reward!

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If I had to pick one then 4th gen, but it's pretty much tied with the first gen. I've always loved Pokemon but 4th gen is where I became a really hardcore fan and got into competitive play. They get a lot of hate, but I really like the majority of the Sinnoh Pokemon. I also really like how so many older Pokemon got new evolutions, and even more impressively most of them are genuine improvements.


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Generation II, then I, then III.

Haven't seen much of IV, since I never played Diamond/Pearl, so I can't form an opinion on it.

I'm aquainted with gen V thanks to Pokédex 3D, and man are those some ugly @ss Pokémon. I know each gen has a few stupid ones (yes, I'm looking at you, Mr. Mime), but it's like V took that number and multiplied it by 4, lol.


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Generation III
Generation II
Generation IV
Generation I
Generation V

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Generation 2 because I was a kid and everything was magical. And It included the first world map inside the game which is still the most awesome thing a game has ever done.



Gen 4 because of the introduction of infinite bag space, several new evolutions to old Pokemon, the ability to trade over WiFi, and the Battle Zone.
Gen 5 because of the new Pokemon, the introduction of random WiFi battles, unlimited use of TM's and the Global Link.

Gen 1, 2, and 3 are okay, but I like the DS generation of games more. They feel more engaging to me.

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This is kind of hard. I own Black and White but have yet to play it. I haven't finished HG and SS. I like all of them I guess. Hmm, maybe Generation III because I liked the feel and that's when I started but I can't really decide. After Xenoblade and Zelda OoT (VC) I need to really get back into Pokemon.

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I have a special fondness for gen IV, because it was the one that brought back my interest in pokemon.

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I > II > III > IV > V

This is just my opinion..........but it also happens to be an undisputed fact and therefore renders all other opinions moot.

Deal with it.


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I really enjoyed Pokemon Silver, so Generation 2 is probably my favourite. I loved the addition of a phone to call trainers and swapping numbers to rebattle etc. There was just so much that was awesome in that game.

If I was to list them in order of preference though I'd have to put Generation 1 first simply because that's were it started for me, then generation 2 and generation 4.
5 wouldn't even be on the list because I found it something of a let down. The story just got in the way and I couldn't follow it anyway. Or I didn't care.

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