Topic: Favorite video game and console that you own?

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My favorite game? Don't kill me for this, but it's Skyward Sword.
My favorite system is the Wii U, considering that it can play every single Wii game.


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Favorite video game of all time is probably Starcraft. My favorite console is 3DS because I can still play all my DS games...and more through the VC.

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Mario Kart 64 ... has to be the Best Multiplayer game ! ANd i think i have to Say N64 ... So many hours playin Goldeneye and Mario kart and the WWE games

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My favourite game which I physically own is Brawl, but my favourite game overall including downloads is Majora's Mask. My favourite console is a tough one, but I'm going to go with the Wii because of the VC and the amazing first-party titles. I went to boarding school for a while, and all my friends and I did most evenings was play Brawl, all thanks to my humble little Wii.

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3Dash wrote:

Favorite console? 3DS, although it'll probably be Wii U eventually
Favorite game? Kid Icarus: Uprising

I take it your favorite after that will be the Wii U2?

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Oh man. I can't choose a favorite game! D: I just can't.
So Instead I'll say my two favorite consoles x]
SNES and N64


Gamecube. I love all of my consoles, but I find the GameCube has the best selection of games (Coincidentally, that's the opposite of what most people think). Many of the multiplatform games from that era are on the GCN, and then you have all of the Nintendo exclusives. I don't see why people hate on the Gamecube.

Favourite game? Impossible for me to say. I can always feel like something different. Batman Arkham City might be my favourite if I'm in a beating up dudes mood, or maybe Perfect Dark if I feel like a classic shooter. If I had to choose, perhaps Brawl, since I can literally always play it and never feel like I'm not enjoying it as much.

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Favourite console: GCN (just beating the N64).
Favourite game: Tie between SSBM & SSBB.

Although I noticed that most of my favourite games are from the Gamecube; F-Zero GX, 1080, Wave Race, RE4, Wind Waker, MP & MP2: Echoes, MKDD, WWE: DOR2 etc. Great console.

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I've beaten RE4 so many times it's sad...

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


My gut goes to N64 but my favourite console is generally the one I'm playing. Aesthetically, it's the Gamecube. Those cute little discs. The gloss black of the window up against the purple shell. That thing is beautiful.
Favourite game is Banjo-Kazooie.




Favorite console is GameCube and favorite game is Melee. And yes, these are both chosen based off of nostalgia. I can't really answer either question otherwise.

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Console- Gameboy Advance SP.
Game- Ocarina of Time / Pokemon Yellow.

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favorite system: NES favorite game: mega man 2. I have mega man x but it's not as good to me.



The NES is my favorite console, and Clash at Demonhead for the NES is my favorite video game.



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