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I never heard of metroid until last year, okay? Plus i hardly get any money. Don't judge me! Judge my skirt!



@SpearGuy; The video game community is stunned that you haven't played a Metroid game before. I recommend playing Super Metroid sometime.

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Well i'm sorry! I'll purchase a metroid game soon! Well, when i get some money.....



Gameboy Color annnnnd Yoshi's Island. Snes comes second.

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Ryno wrote:

@SpearGuy; The video game community is stunned that you haven't played a Metroid game before. I recommend playing Super Metroid sometime.

Forget that he hasn't played a Metroid game, he didn't even know about Metroid until last year.
But since he's wearing a skirt, i'll let this one slide for now hehe.



Seriously though, i didn't exactly spend too much time hands on with either Super Metroid and Zelda ALTTP during their release back in the SNES era, it was practically 'watch only' for me. I should be ashamed! Not only that i completely missed out on Ocarina of time.

Anyways! if you're going to jump into the Metroid franchise, most will just say to start out with Super Metroid and skip the NES original mostly due to the fact that it's lacking a map, and believe me you're going to need it. Time to bust out the crayolas dude, because you're going to have to make your own!



Do not take this in a bad way, I am just wondering.
How old are you, if you just found out about the Metroid series last year?

Sometimes I wish I hadn't ever played Metroid Prime, so I could experience the amazing awesomeness all over again!!!!

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GameCube. Maybe Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door or Pikmin 1.



Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters
Favorite System: Nintendo DS

Metroid Prime Hunters is a game that continues to be engaging since I first completed it more than seven years ago. Today, I tried to play it blind, literally. I mean I've completed the game 130+ times within the last three years, so I figured why not attempt. I grabbed a blanket and made a blindfold. I quit after about a few minutes of not progressing at the Celestial Gateway, the very first room, and decided to simply play normally. I think I may try to do just the hunter and Guardian battles blind soon just for the heck of it, rather than trying to go through the whole adventure. Also, I've found a new way to challenge myself without a blindfold, and that is setting up high kill matches with short time limits. I did a 100 kill match for 25 minutes today as Weavel in the Ice Hive against a Samus and a Noxus bot, and fell short 3 kills. I made the mistake of not using the Power Beam the entire match and camping in the center, and instead went with the Battlehammer for most of the match. I got 80 kills in the first 24 minutes and then went crazy in the last minute with 17 kills while using the Power Beam. Heart was pumping and my nerves were wild as I tried to reach the 100 kills in those final seconds and show my little brother a 100 kill match completely. Will definitely show him later on.

The Nintendo DS is my favorite system simply because it is the original system for most of my favorite games, Hunters obviously included. I actually prefer my mother's original DS (mine's broke) to any other system I currently own. No game system's library has stuck around with me overall as long as the DS's.

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Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Metroid Prime Hunters is the only Metroid game I haven't played

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@HawkeyeWii Does it matter how old i am? I said I'll purchase a metroid game soon!



System: Dreamcast
Game: This is hard. So many good games. Right now I'm going to ride with Shenmue.

System was hard also. I had to flip a coin between Dreamcast or Genesis. - Dayman
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Game - so many candidates but it would have to be Final Fantasy X

System - My heart says N64 but my head says PS2.

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System: DS/PS3
Game: Xenoblade Chronicles

The Wii was so lame. Until Xenoblade came along. Looks like a similar thing may happen with the Wii U too~

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System - Some days it's the PlayStation 2, other days it's the Nintendo DS
Game - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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System: PS2 is no doubt my most played system. Went so far as to mod it to play some of those Japan-only exclusives.
Game: Shining Force III (Sega Saturn) Payed quite the penny for that one, and it was worth it.

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SpearGuy wrote:

I never played a Metroid game before, but Super Nintendo is awesome!

You seriously need to get crackin', then. Even with all the advances in later games like the "Prime" series, "Super Metroid" is often hailed as the best in the series. If you want a truly frustrating challenge, play the first one, but "Super" is incredible. I've managed to beat it in less than 2 gameplay hours before.

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