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I recently reunited with my Gameboy Micro after cleaning my desk, and since then I'm back on playing F-Zero GP Legend. I don't know if it's relatively good but since i'm addicted to it now I wondered what you think is the best F-Zero character, doesn't matter what game he/she/it is in.

Secnondly i'd like to ask you what you think is the best F-Zero, might try them via VC.

Anyway, I usually go for Jody Summer and her White Cat(hehe).

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James Mcloud. :3

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Happy_Mask wrote:

James Mcloud. :3

Wicked! why?

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Capt. Rainbow

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Great vid @DonJumpMad!

Did y'all choose those racers for their character of their specs? can anyone explain to me how those specs work btw :3?

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I played the original the most, so I don't know who most of the characters are, so I'll go with Pico, the alien driver of the heavily-armored green car.



Seriously though, I'd have to say Beastman..

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I always liked Samurai Goroh.

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Fox---I mean James McCloud or Beastman

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It's gotta be Pico. He's the main man...or alien...or whatever the heck he is.

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i kind of hate them all LOL cos when i play GP mode i generally try to kill as many of them as possible... XD.. so ive made all these backstories in my head as to why whoever i go (usually Billy, Antonio Guster, or someone) has been wronged by them all individually , and whack em off the track. lol



Pico! And of course Captain Falcon. Maybe throw Samurai Goroh and Super Arrow in there as well.

And F-Zero GX is the best F-Zero game, hands down.



i have to disagree , Fzero X is much better than GX....

GX is great, but its a bit slippy, NIght thunder and Blood falcon have been nerfed, and the F zero X GP mode has a reply value unlike any other game.

X has better music, better cups (6 tracks to a cup please!), Death race, attacking in X is better, and freakishly replayable GP mode (try playing GP mode as a death race - amazing fun)....

GX retains the f-zero franchise's famous difficulty level, but some of the Story missions on very hard are too hard tbh.... X on master is hard but not impossible. in general, i prefer the 80s heavy metal comicbook look and feel of X to the sci-fi, clean, remixed electro-techno feel of GX.

but, GX is still a brilliant game that i have spent many, many hours playing



Blood Falcon all the way. If Capt. Falcon does Falcon Punch, does Blood Falcon do Falcon Kick? Oh wait....err, he does Falcon Headbutt?

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