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Hey Guys, Trying to fix a faulty Game Boy Color. Battery's leaked ! Buttons A and B were affected. Lots of corrosion to the plates and through hole vias's. Specifically U9D and U10E. Also the 'pads' P10 and P11. What are these Points for anyway ? Test Points Perhaps ? Everything else seems to work its just buttons A and B. The conductive rubber pads have been cleaned, and seem to work, continuity checked the brass/copper plates under the conductive pads on the main board. Button b seems ok but Button A fails on one pair of pads. Probabally due to corrosion of vias and loss of continuity with trace ! I have the 8 page manual that's available online but a schematic of the traces under the mask would be helpful !



@Retrorepairs i think the reason this happend is because the gameboy is probably old from the 1900 probably they have ben around for a long time



Hi Olivia, Thank you for your observation. I can tell your a smart girl but I know the battery leaked as I have actually looked into the inside of the game boy colour and seen the corrosion myself with my own eyes. Im hoping someone here can help me and when you grow up to be a big girl I hope you will be smart enough to try to help others and not waste peoples time with unhelpful comments. Facebook maybe might be a better place for 'chatting'. Besides i'm from the 1900's too and probably am a bit old too and i'm starting to feel like i've been around for a long time as well but that's no reason to throw me out and its no reason to throw the GBC out either ! Lets try to save the planet together by fixing old stuff rather than throwing it in the sea to kill the creatures that live there !



Not much to say other than good luck. Battery leakage is bad news. If you can use your multimeter to identify exactly where the break in the trace is, then you could potentially attempt to bridge it or rewire it. But you probably already knew that.

As you might have already gathered from the incredibly helpful advice already given earlier in this thread, this might not be the best place to get help for such a technical issue because most of us are gamers more than technicians. Try asking somewhere like obscure gamers or assembler. Good luck!

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@RetroRepairs2020 Honestly if battery acid has corroded the board, you might be out of luck. I'd not be able to say for certain, especially without seeing the damage, but I don't think you can fix that.

You might be able to cannibalize another Game Boy for parts. Maybe you can find a Game Boy with a ruined screen(since a lot of those are floating around) and swap the mother board from that one to your current one with the damaged board.

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@RetroRepairs2020 thanks no one has ever said that to me you about made me cry happy tears im in 5th grade you just made my day and you seem like a nice guy thank you <3



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