Topic: Fangamer's Mother 3 Handbook is incredible!

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I just got mine in today and this is easily one of the most impressive strategy guides I've ever seen. Even when compared to Nintendo Power guides, this thing easily eclipses them. The guys at Fangamer should be commended for putting this wonderful guide together. If you're a Mother 3 fan and don't already have one, go now and get one before they're all gone!

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Wow, its that good huh? I don't know if I should get a guide for a game that I may never get the chance to play. On the other hand, I really should be showing my support for all things Earthbound! I guess I wouldn't be much of a fan if I didn't get this. I'm going to check it out right now but I hope they're still available!



Mother 3 is my favorite game of all time, and the guide does look absolutely beautiful.

...but I don't need a guide. It's not a hard game. I look forward to perusing the free online version even though I know it'll be of lesser visual quality. Still, for those who like this sort of thing, you probably can't do any better. The original Earthbound guide was pretty darn awesome as far as player guides go, and this looks much better.

Who knows, I may give in and order one someday just to look at... but I doubt it.

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I collect guides, which is ironic since I think I've probably actually use 3 or 4 of the 300 I own. Just like having them.

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