Topic: F-Zero GP Legend on the GameBoy Advance is it any good?

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i've been wanting to get into the F Zero series sadly i never got into it of course some of yall know why (others who don't i never have a SNES I had a Genesis) but i found this title used at a Gamestop for just $5 so i thought hey lets try it out its fun and looks great for a GBA game do any of yall own this or have played it what were your thoughts on it

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I like it. You'll get your 5 bucks worth in my opinion.

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Really, all the F-Zero games are great - it doesn't matter much which one you choose to start with.

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They're all good but I prefer the 3D ones myself. GX is probably the best racer I've played.
If you get a chance, I'd recommend downloading F-zero X on VC too.

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Yes its very good and the story mode is implemented very well. The Mode 7 graphics run very fast and very smoothly on the GBA. Its a LOT of fun to go back to some Retro games but sadly racing games do NOT hold up very well but this game is a big exception to the rule. Pick it up and have a blast. Literally!

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