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This is one of my favorite games on the XBOX (Also on PC), naturally it sold like crap and few people got to experience the incredible playstyle of the game. Its not for every gamer as its almost like a video game book (best way to explain it), I enjoyed immensely. I actually had a friend who watched the whole game while I was playin it beginning to end. Try it out if you guys havent already. If you have played Indigo Prophecy (another incredible and overlooked game) this plays very similar to it.

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That's a Norwegian game! Heh, that makes me feel sort of nationalistic.
Anyway, I've been looking for the first game in the series (entitled only The Longest Journey), but I've been wanting this one as well. Reminds me of Beyond Good & Evil for some reason.

EDIT: Thanks to you and my own impulses I just bought this, even though I don't have the moneys for it

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you can buy it over xbox live though i'm getting Indigo Prophecy


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