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Hi there. I've recently kind of rediscovered what is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated RPGs ever: Drakkhen. I'm celebrating my 20th anniversary of getting the Super Nintendo by playing this and Super Mario World, the two games I got with it when my grandparents bought it for me.

I think Drakkhen was ahead of its time for an RPG. I liked its graphics, it had an easy-to-use interface; a decent variety of weapons and armor (that appear on your character); interesting enemies (dog head FTW), and AMAZING music! Some time before Wolfenstein, it did incredibly well for SNES era at first-person view, and the scenery was beautiful (love the sunrises/sunsets)! The dungeon environments and enemies could be fairly frightening, making it a somewhat darker and scary atmosphere overall than Final Fantasy II/IV that was released around the same time.

If I could pick one lesser known game to receive a sequel (yes, I know about Dragon View... I'm playing it next... still far different from Drakkhen) or have a remake/reboot, it would be Drakkhen. 100%, no question about it. Any other Drakkhen fans here? Would you like to see the series continued (as unlikely as it might be)?

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I was just thinking the same thing today. So I searched, came up empty except not much to go on, must have abandoned it. Main thing about Drakkhen was that awesome music. For 1991 it was incredible didn't sound like "video game" music. The game would have been good if it were polished. The roaming was a bit boring but the castles were good and I was somehow compelled to play. So yes someone should either remake this or add it as a mod. Skyrim engine would be good. I doubt it will happen on Nintendo unless it was not of the same atmosphere and then it wouldn't be Drakkhen, at least not to me. As for the PC someone could do it and some PC game modder might just might awaken to this forgotten gem and try to either polish it over or give it a facelift. I do hope they keep the music or utilze more modern instruments such as in cakewalk.

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I like Drakkhen on the SNES to be quite honest. Okay, it's no masterpiece and could've benefited itself with a little more depth and some longevity, but I consider it to be fun treat while it lasts. It's not so much a game, imo, as much as a tech demo, and what a good tech demo it is. The soundtrack is really, really good, and I liked its day/night system; and the fact that you could roam around in a 3D world in this RPG was a real visual breakthrough back when it was released. I do understand why people hate it, but for what it is: I think it's very decent. There are also many oddities about it, too, which makes it all the more appealing and interesting for me.

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I still have this game, complete, box and all. I played it and beat it years ago. It's been in my chest of collectables for years now and I honestly don't remember much about the game. Other then walking around a semi-3D world. Maybe I'll get around to playing this again someday.



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