Topic: Donkey Kong for NES is a little pricey.

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Is DK for the NES really as valuable as 84 sealed copies of Stadium Events, or 168 Nintendo World Championships carts (if that many existed)? O_o
(I don't know how many have seen this already, as there's already a few customer "reviews" about the price.)

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Seriously wtf. No no no no no.

Anyone who buys this deserves to get their butt kicked. That price is outrageous.

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Hehehe, they are charging $3.5 million, and they still want you to pay an additional $3.99 for shipping?

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Lol best part is 3.5 million price tag but you only have to pay 3.99 for shipping. If I paid 3.5 million I would not trust it to be shipped ordinary us postal service

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Whoever is selling this incomplete game for that much needs to be thrown out of Billy and Jimmy's window, and tormented by DK himself.

Seriously, WHO WOULD BUY THIS when you could buy it on wii VC for $5 or on E-reader for $2?

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Well, to be fair, it IS a new copy.

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


Wasn't sure if it was better to bump my old thread to post another hilarious listing.
Guy says he entered the wrong amount, but either way someone is pretty dumb (as I'm assuming he might have been the guy bidding $102 which is already significantly above most BINs).

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Apparently, the listing was removed.

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