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Shortly after the Donkey Kong Country series was pulled from the Wii's Virtual Console service this month, my Gameboy version of DKC II finally failed: the cartridge no longer holds a save, randomly erasing the file if the system is powered down for any length of time.

This leaves me without any means of quenching my hunger for banana-hording monkeys.
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If you feel the same way, please drop a line to Nintendo at this link, and ask for a re-release of the DKC series for GB/gba on 3ds virtual console, or for the SNES version on the Wii:

EDIT: Thank you for the help - I never thought about replacing a battery. A little searching let me find a method that doesn't require me to solder anything, and a quick Ebay search led to a solution under $10.
Replacing a GBC battery without soldering:

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Try bioware's best story for free:


I'm glad I'm able to borrow a copy of DKC from my cantankerous uncle Count Olaf.



Why didn't you buy the DKC trilogy before it was pulled off?

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You can probably replace the battery in your GB cartridge by looking up some youtube videos. Other than that you might want to put that link in your signature as more people will see it when you post in various threads rather than one thread.

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We've got a thread for this here if you'd like to encourage users to tell Nintendo how they feel. Good luck to you!

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