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Well Tomorrow is Donkey Kong 64 Tenth year Anniversary!the Game was released November 24th 1999,While Not the best Donkey Kong
Game Still was an Excellent one.
Happy Tenth Birthday DK 64!



Happy Birthday DK64



Now, if only this would/could come to VC ... meh, i really should suck it up and buy a copy off eBay or something. So regretful that i traded this game in back in the early Gamecube days.

Coincidentally, i was looking at some older photos taken in my living room back when the N64 and Dreamcast were the connected consoles, and in the background of one was the tell-tale yellow cart of DK64!

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Happy Birthday! It was and is my Favorite N64 Game- I am replaying it for a 5th time right now.

Just let it happen.

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I'm wearing my DK64 shirt right now, by coincidence! I didn't even know about DK64's anniversary.


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I wish they would release DK64 on the Virtual Console. I'd defiantly buy it for 1,000 Wii Points!



I never played it, nor do I think I ever will...

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I have an anniversary tomorrow too! Epic-ness beyond comprehension.

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I have a copy and I'm kinda stuck. The main area is confusing, plus I haven't rescued Diddy yet.

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To bad that was the last Donkey Kong game made by Rare, man why did Rare wanted to work for Microsoft anyway?


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I haven't played this game for years. Love it a lot, one of my favourite N64's games.


Rhansley64 wrote:

To bad that was the last Donkey Kong game made by Rare, man why did Rare wanted to work for Microsoft anyway?

Microsoft bought them out.

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Last good DK game IMO

I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on hari-kiri rock!!! I NEED´╗┐ SCISSORS!!! 61!!!


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