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They cannot use the Rare characters so perhaps if they edit those out. However, they aleady did that and released it on the DS so I doubt if we ever get to see a modified Wii VC version.

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I got the DS version and thought it was pretty decent. There is a review on this site for it. It sort of added a lot of bells and whistles to Diidy Kong Racing that wasn't needed. I actually got a little bored of it after playing it to smithereens, and e-bayed it on. I would like to see some kind of new Diddy Kong Wii if that were possible, but I doubt it'll happen.

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@LEGEND_MARIOID - that's a good idea. The game was different enough from Mario Kart. The whole overworld was great, and so were the different vehicles, and also the boss battles. There is heaps they can do with it.

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StarFox wrote:

@TokenGirl: Get the DS version. They didn't change much, save for the controls and the characters (somewhat). Otherwise, it's just as fun as the original.

Digiki wrote:

Sounds like you're better off sticking with the original then, I've not played DS but I've heard it's much worse.

I dunno how easy it would be to remove Conker and Banjo though, it'd require more work than a simple sprite recolour like they did in a few other games.

Crap. That's helpful.

If I can find it for super cheap somewhere, maybe I'll get it. This is probably the biggest reason I'll probably eventually cave and rebuy an N64. It's just not the same on my computer. (Not that I have it on my computer...)


I loved the turbo system too. I remember when I figured out how to get rainbow smoke; I thought it was super awesome. Oh if only it could be released on VC...

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@TG: Yup, it was one deep turbo system. For a long time, I think I was releasing before the turbo, but applying the gas far too soon after. When I finally figured it out (accidentally I think, during my 100th attempt at beating Wizpig D:), the whole game opened up for me. Also, I loved the way you could tap B during a powerslide for an extra sharp turn. It was a bit twitchy, but boy could you pull off some crazy shizz once you got it down.

I too, would love to see it on VC... slaps self

@ALL: Does anybody remember this? Oh what a shame it never saw the light of day. Apparently, you would have been able to pick your ride, out in the wild, then boost his stats with love and care. Could have been sooooo cool....



I'm trying to find me a good N64 controller and once I do this game is going to be ordered. Loved reading everyone's comments about the game



@Machu YES! Its still on the box of my GC, I really wanted to play it.


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