Topic: Did I have a PAL copy of Super Street Fighter II on my NTSC cartridge (and does anyone else)?

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Okay, so I've been thinking about retro video games lately and one game I remember fondly came up in my mind; Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.

I remembered having the game on the SNES when I was a child. Funny story, because I so sacred of the intro for some weird reason (blame my autism for that), I threw it away in the trash can after my older brother played the game in summer, 2003, despite the game being good.

Five years went by and I continued to play video games. Got a Wii in April, 2007 but I didn't know how to access online and was worried that my grandparents would have to pay for online since you had to pay for online in Xbox Live (thankfully, I learned that was the case). After finally going online with my Wii in the summer of 2008 (to play Mario Kart Wii online, Brawl's online was as terrible as people said), I came across the Virtual Console and started to download games for it (I was aware that it existed, but I didn't know how to get it as I was unfamiliar with buying things online (didn't start to go on computers until summer of 2007)). July was when I got my classic controllers so I could play SNES and N64 games and found that SSFII was available. Deciding to give it another try after some though, I decided to download the game to see if I would like it.

To my surprise, I found out that I really enjoyed the game once I got over my silly fears and would personally give it a 8/10. What I noticed were two thing: the title screen before the intro (Capcom logo came between i... and this music were slightly different. Granted, they weren't enough to make a difference, but I could still noticed.

Now I've been thinking back to see whenever or not my copy was actually the PAL version but with the NTSC cartridge on it. If so, then I seriously regret throwing away the game for such dumb reason because if this was truly a one of a kind cartridge, it could have been really valuable.

Edit: And before anyone ask if this was just some false memory, I'm positive that my SNES cartridge was slightly different and that I'm not hallucinating.

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I had PAL and NTSC Super SF2 and both were identical.



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