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I bought a third party wireless controller for my gamecube.

It wouldn't work properly with 'Eternal Darkness', so I opened the controller up, gave things a wiggle, put it back together.

Now, it won't connect to the wireless receiver when loading up this game. If you put the receiver in port 2, it connects fine but you can't control anything, but nothing in port 1.

Put Mario Sunshine in, there's no issues whatsoever?!



Whoa dude! I’d say burn it all, but if you already opened up the controller, well... good luck.

limby-bee was a jerk.

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Eternal Darkness is known for having all sorts of issues with the Gamecube due to the game constantly needing to load all the time, but the typical issues I've experienced usually involve the game simply not reading something or not loading. I've never heard of a controller not working. Most issues I've had with that particular game have been solved using a Wii, so if you have a Wii hooked up somewhere, give it a shot.

Otherwise, I'd call an exorcist.



Your own sanity meter might be low.


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It's a Wii I'm using. Really strange...



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