Topic: Clear Disc Shields Anywhere?

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This was just a random question, I recently got a new gamecube game but when I got home and looked at the disc there were noticeable scratches in the label side. I already tested the disc and it works just fine but was wondering if there's any places that I can buy a protective shield/clear sticker for the label side to prevent any more damage? You know, like the labels you find on Blockbuster discs, but completely clear with no writing. If possible I'm looking for some Gamecube sized ones but I can cut it down if there are any normal sized ones. Unfortunately google hasn't helped me one bit lol.




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I've heard they don't really protect anything and some suggest putting a label on top of the original could cause damage.

So I'm going with the obvious answer of just handle the disc carefully and put it back in the game case when finished.



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