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Greetings, fellow NintendoLifers! After over two years, I've decided to create a new thread (so I might be a bit rusty), one I feel is befitting for what's to arrive in the near future:

Given that Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is coming for the 3DS in just seven days in America (twelve for Europe), I thought what better topic to talk about than Mickey's very first 16-bit adventure Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse by Sega for the MegaDrive/Genesis? Anyone playing (for the first time?) or revisiting this classic 1990 platformer in anticipation and preparation for the upcoming Power of Illusion? Anyone have good memories or have a good experience with it? You can share your thoughts towards the game right here in this thread. And if you want, you could talk about the Master System version or the sequels that came out as well; that's totally up to you. But for the most part the aim of this thread revolves around talking about this well-known Disney game


Since I created the thread, I thought that perhaps I should start. But I don't wish to keep you long, so I'll just share my brief thoughts on it in a nutshell:
I first played Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse a few weeks ago, and during the middle of playing it for the first time I fell in love with it. To me this is one of those simple but effective kind of games, and there is a lot of charm to be found in it. The atmosphere, design, and gameplay are really good, the stages are fun to play and navigate, also it is just one fun adventure to the end, even if it is only five stages long (personally I don't mind that so much). I think it's a well-crafted platformer.

And on that note I would like to end my opening post with a "to each their own"; agree to disagree!
Feel free to share your thoughts

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Played it through today. Great game, still as good as when I played it all those years ago

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Even though I own a Genesis I have never actually played this game. During the 16 bit era I played the SNES Mickey Mouse games, and I have to say they were some of the best games on the SNES. I am half tempted to look for this one on Ebay and give it a shot but right now all my game money is tied up with the Wii U.

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I got this with the Genesis around the time it Launched, and I actually revisited it a couple of weeks back during Halloween.
I think the fun factor has slightly diminished after all these years if you're craving a decent challenge, because to be quite honest there isn't really one here.
It still has that whimsical feel and charm about it, and it's easily one of the best games starring good ol' mickey. I'm looking forward to 'Power' which i still need to try out Demo-wise on the eShop. Hopefully the difficulty has been ramped up a few bits!



I liked it on megadrive but liked it even more on master system with its item throwing, the master system version was one of the first games I owned and the first I ever actually beat, so definitely a nostalgia factor there but still I think I would have preferred it if the 3DS game was closer to the mechanics of the master system version than the megadrive.



Honestly, never played it. I was so over Disney by the time the 16-bit era was in full new jack swing and Wrecks-n-Effect was dropping the hits that Mickey's adventure did not interest me no matter whatever type of illusion he was willing to pull. I may give it a try someday but right now my retro focus is SNES.

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Must say that I liked playing it in the days of my youth. I remember the day perfectly... Went to a garage sale and saw the Genesis and a few games (Including Castle of Illusion, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2). I asked my dad and he picked it up for me. When I got home, I immediately started playing and it was great fun. Sadly sold the Genesis after a couple years, but recently picked another up to replace it. Now all I need to do is find Castle of Illusion and I'll be set.

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