Topic: Can you clear Brinstar Depths before Norfair in Zero Mission?

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I found another copy of Metroid: Zero Mission and decided to replay it for the first time in forever. My memories are a bit fuzzy, but I always took on Bristar Depths (Kraid) before Norfair (Ridley) in NES Metroid. However, this game seems to prevent me from progressing though Brinstar first. Is it possible to beat Kraid before Ridley, or will I have to come back?



From my memory you need the power-up (not sure if spoilers are okay) from beating Kraid to advance into lower Norfair (at least the normal way. There's a super-secret path around that, but it's only meant as a challenge route for expert low% players.)
Where do you seem to be stuck?
I think you might need to pick up some upgrades in Norfair, then go to Kraid, then go back to Norfair to finish it.



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