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Which one should i play first Eternal wings and the lost ocean or origins?



I would go with Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. It has longer game play and more characters. I have not played Origins though but I've read it is a good game and is the prequel to the other Baten Kaitos. Baten Kaitos is like $5 in GameStop while Origins recently had a price drop to $15. I plan to buy Baten Kaitos Origins as soon as I can find one with the original box cover.



Both games are great, but on the whole Origins is a much better game. Better story, better dialogue, better battle system, better everything really (except FMV--only the first game had any). Both are great though--play them in release-order (Eternal Wings, then Origins) despite Origins coming first in the timeline. You'll see what I mean--Origins would kind of mess with Eternal Wings' storyline if played first....Just know, as you're sighing and lamenting the overly long/drawn out battle system of the first game, that the system in the second is waay faster and more amazing (and much harder!)

Love me some Baten Kaitos series.

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