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hey everyone!

i am a Graphic Design student at Kingston University in London.

I am currently creating a publication on bowser's castle, we were asked to create an informative piece on a building of our choice that we felt passionate about.

To me, bowser's castle was an obvious choice!

we were told to speak to inhabitants of our building to communicate their experiences of the building.

the inhabitants of bowser's castle, obviously are fellow gamers!

i'd really appreciate it if as many of you guys as possible write something short on their experiences with bowser's castle!

i am focusing on the super mario bros castle at the end of the game, however everyone would have a nostalgic memory and moment with their favourite bowser's castle so talk about any!

about the fist time you saw the castle, the music, how the castle emoted you, how rewarding it felt the fist time you finally beat the level.

absolutely anything, it only has to be a short sentence. be as passionate and nerdy as you can! ahah

thanks guys, you'd be a massive help, i'll show you the results at the end! (my critique is on tuesday)



One of the striking things about Bowser's Castle, is the tendency of the owner to destroy it in his attempt to get Mario.

This first happens in Super Mario Bros. 3, and happens again in Yoshi's Island. I remember when I first saw Baby Bowser launching rubble at me with terror, and being even more astounded when half the stage had eventually disappeared.

Whether the castle is being dismantled by Mario or Bowser himself, this perhaps explains the constant renovations of the building. The place needs more maintenance than an ancient cathedral.

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Bowser's Castle is an impressive villain's lair. It's dark, dangerous, and challenging to explore. It gets plenty of renovations, but as Red mentioned, it's probably because it keeps getting damaged.

A big thing about Bowser's Castle is how much variety the chambers have. In Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, you could pick which chamber you wanted to go through.

In SMB3, there were long corridors with Bowser statues that would shoot lasers at you.
In the recent games like the New Super Mario Bros. games, however, Bowser's Castle wasn't much different than the other castles in the game as far as design and obstacles, which is too bad.

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thanks guys this is great, i already know all about the castle's themselves, i wanna hear about yoru personal experiences and memories!




The only thing i can say for sure is that i love the music and that the build-up with the statues and lava really impressed me in SMB3. The battle with Bowser in SMW sure was a huge culmination of the game my 4 year older aunt and me loved so much when we rented the Super Nintendo shortly after its launch.

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I just remember the first time the lasers shot out of the statues on SMB3. I jumped back a bit in surprise (as it was already late). It was the first, perhaps only, time I saw a modern weapon in any Mario Game.



dankeeffe wrote:

thanks guys this is great, i already know all about the castle's themselves, i wanna hear about yoru personal experiences and memories!

Well, I find all the moments I already mentioned pretty memorable for me. Another moment I like is when you ride the bone coaster through the Bowser's Castle of Super Mario 3D Land.
The 3D effect during the ride is spectacular, especially during the last part.

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ALL the levels leading up to Bowser's Castle in Super Mario Land 3D was amazing and the actual level of Bowser's Castle in that game is just WOW. That game totally deserves a sequel on 3DS....

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Every Bowser Stage I played are challenging and are the definition of hellish experiences. I remember one time in Super Mario 64 that the Bowser levels are the longest and the linear ones and that made me be more careful.

Some games like Super Mario World had a non linear level segments where in World, you can get to the back door or enter from start. The most annoying enemies I face in the Bowser castles is the Magikoopas because the're too hard to dodge and beat.

But the best Bowser level is the one in 3D land. It was challenging and if that's not enough, there's the Super Mario Bros 3 castle which is hard as hell.

The original Super Mario bros had a segment where you had to go to the right path otherwise it will be looped again. I thought that my game had a glitch and soon I found out that you had to do it this way.

But the best Bowser castle without a doubt is this one!


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The first time I ever beat the original "Super Mario Bros." game was because of my babysitter Danielle, who showed me which pipes to take in reaching the end. I was truly amazed at such a young age...oh, sweet retro memories...

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