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Best survival horror games



My favorites are Resident Evil GCN and Silent Hill 2 Xbox (I like this version better since it includes the Maria scenario)

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Luigi's Mansion.

The Game.

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I don't know about best, but Penumbra: Overture (which I'm playing right now) is some scary sh*t.
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Anyway, Resident Evil 2 and Project Zero (Fatal Frame) 2 are both very good, though I don't find them very scary. I don't have the guts to play Silent Hill 2 by myself, but it seems pretty good from the little I've played.

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I'm just gonna list the only ones I've ever played, since they're all awesome: Bio Shock, Dead Space, Eternal Darkness, FEAR 2, Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Resident Evil 5, Shadowgrounds. I think I might like Dead Space the most out of all of these, but they're all great games.

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Bioshock takes my vote, if it counts.

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RE 4 Wii Edition



I enjoy Dementium. The graphics are pretty good considering the ds's graphic capabilities. Also, handheld+horror+FPS= a pretty good game in my book

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I forgot to add Eternal Darkness to the list. It has some real eerie moments when your running around the mansion. The WWII level was pretty creepy as well.

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Eternal Darkness, RE 4, Dead Space, RE 2.

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But really, F.E.A.R 2 is really, really good.

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