Topic: Best games to use the Nintendo Advantage with!

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The Nintendo Advantage was one of the nes's best accessories, so what were the best games to use it with!
How about River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden?
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Any Online game with a player named HawkeyeMartin, Thats me!


Oh, I'd have to say most any platformer was a great fit for the stick.

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Double Dragon

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I loved the Advantage for Mega Man 1,2, and 3, and Final Fantasy for buying Heal Potions, and if you had 2 Advantages, Smash TV!

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I enjoyed playing Life Force with the Advantage. Perfection!

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TMNT II and III were arcade-y, so it would probably work awesome with those games.

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I've never heard of the Nintendo Advantage, but from what I gather it's a joystick like thing. Googles Ah, I'm right.



I'm with Daz, Lifeforce was better with the Advantage. I also liked using it for RC Pro Am for some strange reason.

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Great for SMB2 -- if you tweak around with the turbo speed/dial for the "A" button, you can find a sweet spot so that you are guaranteed at least 1 life (and usually more) for every coin.

I have a NES to Wii/GC adaptor, and use my Advantage for most NES VC games, unless i'm in more of a classic pad mood -- nothing like playing the original SMB with the original NES pad!

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Ah, RC Pro Am! I remember that one Corbie! I would love to see that one come to the Virtual Console! As far as the NES Advantage goes, I loved using it for playing 1943! Good times!



Well if you count the SNES advantage I'd say any Street Fighter or any other fighter. Like TMNT4 or Final Fight. Anything in the fighting genre.


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