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Donatello wrote:

Super Mario Land 2? really? I thought the level design was so bland and poorly thought out for the most part. The enemies were so random, and there was practically zero challenge. At least the World Map was great, and I liked the Carrot/Rabbit ears Power up. Yet I found the first Super Mario Land overall to be the better, more quirky, challenging and fun experience.
Oh and add the first TMNT GB to the list!
Anyways, Zelda LA was amazing, and Wario Land was fanastic. Kid Icarus MOM was a nice little suprise, not quite sure if I liked it more than the original...I wasn't big on the level design since you could never fall to your death. But i loved how the mallet was better utilized and the dungeons were less frusturating and more fun this time around, but the music while good doesn't hold a candle to the original The Original had mode charm and it's easiy one of my favorite games of all time, I have such fond memories playing it when i was 6 years old I also reallly need to play Castlevania II: Belmonts Revenge(although rare and expensive) and Kid Dracula
Hell I'd easily give up my copy of Jack Bros(complete) for the Virtual Boy fir Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge.

Was this Waveboy before he was Waveboy? Whoa....

My top 3 are as follows:
1) Metroid II: Return of Samus
2) Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
3) Gargoyle's Quest

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2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan

3.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers

4.Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly

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1) Zelda: Link's Awakening
2) Pokemon: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow
3) Mega Man Games (1-5)
4) Metroid: Return of Samus
5) Harvest Moon GB

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waz good bezerker99 yeah Fall of the Foot Clan is good game man thats game need to be on 3ds see those game they need to be putting out and not that other wack stuff...

"Its All About Those 2x Houston Rockets, 5x Dallas Cowboys, 1x Houston Astros, Texas A&M Aggies".


Yup that was me! The TMNT name and Splash Woman Avatar were a pretty big dead give away, extra super mild & crispy 80's lingo aside. Ah who am i kidding there was none of that awesomeness in my 'Donatello' 2009 and early 2010 days. lol

Top 10
1. Super Mario Land - Nostalgia Overload!, In combination with the memorable trippy commercial, that one amazing egyption sounding track, the bizzare and quirkyness of it all and the Mario Submarine make this my favorite GB game period. Of course this is pure nostalgia tied in with it's release back in the golden days of Mullet master gaming. Yet If i were to play this funky fresh off the belmont bat nowadays i probably wouldn't think so highly of it.
But it has it's charm, and most importantly it's fun, different from the mario nrom and sounds great! I'd love to see a spirritual sequal to SML 1 & 2 on the 3DS rather than the never ending stale and predictable NSMB fad.

The rest in no real particular order aside from Zelda.

2. Zelda: Links Awakening
3. Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
4. Gargoyle's Quest
5. Contra: Operation C
6. Wario Land
7. Castlevania: II: Belmonts Revenge
8. TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan
9. Kirby's Dreamland
10. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

TMNT II: Back from the Sewers, Tetris, Kid Icarus: OMAM and Donkey Kong aren't cruisin' too far hehind! However Boils and brats! I NEED to play Metroid II, Mega Man V, TMNT III: Radical Rescue and Kirby's Dream Land 2. I have a feeling all of those will bump 'n slide a few titles off the wave mysters shiny & offical top 10 list. Because Fido dido says so.

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