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Personally, I loved the N64 3-pronged controller, it took everything the SNES controller was and added more awesome.
The Dreamcast controller, which I always thought looked hideous, still was very comfy and the button/d-pad/analog stick layout was perfect for me.

I used to play a few games on PC and my controller of choice was the MS Sidewinder.

My fave controller of this gen would be the 360's.

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The Super Nintendo controller, of course. Nothing can beat the one controller that introduced the shoulder buttons to us gamers.

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Does a mouse and keyboard count?

Other than that I'd have to say the Wii is on the right track, being able to have my hands wherever I want is a big plus and very comfortable. You just don't get that freedom with a regular controller. My old time favorite Dual Shock has nothing on Wii now.

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@Firkraag: too true, even without motion control I'd still prefer the two-piece remote+nunchuk combo just for the freedom. Playing Opoona with the nunchuk alone is great because I can sit however I like and not even have line-of-sight issues for the remote.

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I think I'd go with Wiimote nunchuck too. Very versatile controller. Like firkraag said you can have your hands wherever you wan't (the nunchuck at least. I've played with it behind my head while relaxing). Also though, I perfer it to the mouse keyboard as well. I think it's superior to it, in that I don't have to hold my hand/fingers in an awkward possition to play a game. I never like that set up really.
Also I love using the wii controls for FPS.

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Anyway, 3DO obviously.

Best 3rd party controller has to be the SG ProPad 2 controller.
SN ProPad was good as well.



My favorite was Sega's 6 button pad that came out when Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat hit the scene. What a great controller. Another one I like was the NES advantage joystick because the turbo buttons helped me win every event at Track and Feild II.

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The Wii Remote 'On its side NES style' is my favorite controller of all time. It feels even tighter and more comfortable than the Nes Controller. That aside, I love the Nes and SNES controller as well.

And of course the Wii remote for motion controls ect, it's amazing when done right.

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Also I dont Like handles, I like the retro Nes feel the most and SNES feel.
As for Analog sticks, 1 is just needed...Dual Analog controls suck...they're dated, boring, clunky and crappy not fun to use. The Wii Remote is where its at for IR/Curser controls ect. Metroid Prime 3 blew my mind baby. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition kicks tons of too.

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Then second generation official Saturn pad. As a beat 'em up fan - it simply rules.
Otherwise I think the options offered by the Wii set up are pretty outstanding.



i don't know about all time cause i havent tested every controller. but my favorite were those 6 button arcade style street fighter controllers that came out around the same time as the anniversary collection. they had the holograms in the middle of it and of course i had the one of ken busting a shoryuken. cause ken is the best.



Wavebird for me. Too bad a new one is really expensive and rare. I bought mine just in time at a clearance price at a local WalMart and have not regretted it sense.






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