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So what's your favorite controller?

Mine would be:

Best controller packed with a system: TG16 pad. It had a precise D-pad, built in rapid fire with two levels of intensity, and I think having a "Run" button is cooler than having a "Start" button! Only downside was the cord was only three feet long.

Best old school joystick with one fire button: Epyx 500XJ controller. This is the best form fitted controller ever; the Wii Nunchuk kinda ripped it off! It just feels great in your hands and was lightyears ahead of all of those junky controllers of the early 80s.

Best analog controller: N64 controller. You gotta love any controller that looks like it was made for an alien with 3 hands! The GC controller was nice, but the placement of the "Z" button felt strange. I prefer the "Z" button in the trigger position.

Best deluxe arcade style controller: NES Advantage. This thing is all that and a bag of microchips. It had a sturdy joystick, super adjustable rapid fire, slow motion, and cool red lights and it didn't feel cheap, it felt like a $35.00 controller in 80s money! And it really did improve your high score like it promised on the box.

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The GameCube troller always felt tight in my hands. The only thing I didn't like is the smaller c-stick, but it by no means hindered gameplay.

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The best all-round controller for me is the Dreamcast controller. It´s got a very robust d-pad, great analogue stick and analog triggers. If only it had 6 buttons on on the frontside... It fits my hands perfect anyway.

SNES controler has the best d-pad I know, so it´s my favourite controller for 2D games.

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For me, it would be the Dreamcast and Gamecube controllers.



I'd have to go with the SNES controller as my all-time favorite. It was very comfortable, and it's safe to say that shoulder buttons, 4 face buttons, and 2 buttons in the middle have been an industry staple ever since.

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I'd say Xbox 1 s type


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the PS1/2/3 controller design is just genius....there's a reason it's stayed the same for long. I'd say it gets my vote, what with taking the tried-and-true SNES controller design, adding a very logical second set of trigger buttons, and further making use of the space by adding the R3/L3 buttons (which some games use very poorly...) The only complaint is that separated D-pad...I know some people can use it, but Nintendo has always been leagues ahead in terms of D-pad design. Even the tiny little one on the Wiimote is plenty pressable!

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PS1 & PS2 DualShock controllers were amazing and still are
and I would've put the PS3 Sixaxis controller but Sony suggested they change R2 & L2 buttons as triggers which was a stupid idea.
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I would have said the Playstation controller at one time, but the Classic Controller has a much better feel and gets my vote.

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Hard choice between the Xbox "Duke", the Dreamcast, the Dualshock, and the Wiimote+Nunchuk.

Sure, the Duke was almost absurd in size, but it was the first time I felt a game controller that seemed more likely to damage me than I was to damage it. It's biggest problem was the face buttons, which were too glossy and slippery and not pressable enough. After that, the dpad wasn' that great, and the joysticks not being on the same level always bugged me.

The Dreamcast controller felt almost too simplistic for its age, but everything seemed to control perfectly anyway. The "cord comes from the bottom" thing never made sense to me, although I'm sure it seemed reasonable for someone sitting on a couch somewhere. The biggest thing I loved about it was the VMU-- ignoring how much I wish memory cards would simply be built into controllers, and linked to a player's individual identity-- was the way the screen could assist or add to gameplay. Imagine how much that could add to modern games, where the screens could be manufactured better and cheaper. Imagine a game where the GPS was in your controller, or a sports/strategy game where you could make moves without your opponent seeing them on screen, or a card game where the other players can't see your hand, or a game show, or blah blah blah. So much potential.

The Dualshock 2 is so incredible, many people don't even know about some of its most impressive features. That you can press in the analog sticks for two more buttons (L3/R3) is very cool, and that every single button on the controller other than L3/R3 is analog itself is also cool. Most games never mention this though; the only one I know of that uses analog button presses at all is MGS. the biggest problem, though, is that it's still very clearly a descendant of the NES. The NES had a square bar with a few buttons and a d-pad. The SNES had a couple extra buttons, and shoulder buttons. It was slightly rounded to make it more comfortable. The PlayStation control pad was exactly the same, but with an extra pair of shoulder buttons (L2/R2), and small added grips to make it more comfortable. They later released the Dual Analog control pad, which was the same thing, but with two analog sticks. Afterwards, rumble and vibration was added, and we got the DualShock. The evolution is so linear and obvious, it's somewhat boring, and hasn't had any real significant change; the NES's controller and the DualShock 3 people play on today are clearly linked, and when you consider how bad the NES's controller was in retrospect, that's not a good thing.

The Wiimote and Nunchuck shares a lot of the advantages and downfalls of the Dreamcast. Ignoring the motion controls and IR sensor, the built-in speaker also has potential (see Zelda, NMH) to be something more, and being able to move your hands more freely is nice. Playing any other controller for too long will give you T-Rex arms; being able to put your arms wherever you please and let them hang randomly and still being fully capable of holding and using the controller effectively is great.

If I were to design a controller, it would be based on the Duke, with the left joystick brought down to equal level, the d-pad made more clicky, the analog buttons and joystick clicking from the Dualshock 2, a built-in LCD screen and speaker. It would basically be a small computer, and would allow you to play mini-games that would effect your save data while on the go. Imagine playing the NMH Video Game and getting high scores while you were away from your TV, or doing jobs as travis (probably no more powerful than the GBA, though) for cash. GTA might have an old 2D GTA game to play, and Final Fantasy might have a battle arena you could level up in. Zelda might have rupee earning minigames, and so on.



Pelican Cordless PS2 controller. Despite my hand size being pretty large, I prefer the smaller size controller. the 2nd trigger buttons are recessed and easier to trigger with the middle fingers instead of the index, for a full hand fit, and, as opposed to many nintendo/microsoft controllers, it actually has the symmetry of the dualshock line

unfortunately, it lacks rumble.

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Japanese Sega Saturn pad. Like butter in my hand.

As for a slightly custom job, my Hori Real Acade Pro EX-SE for my Xbox 360 is my baby! Seimitsu LS-32 stick and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. It's bullet hell bliss!

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Thanks for the feedback my fellow gamers!

I wish I had the opportunity to try some of the more obscure selections that came up. I agree that the SNES, GC, Dreamcast, and PS1 / PS2 controllers were heavenly too. The PS3's trigger buttons let me down also.

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Swerd_Murd wrote:

the PS1/2/3 controller design is just genius....(...)The only complaint is that separated D-pad...I know some people can use it, but Nintendo has always been leagues ahead in terms of D-pad design. Even the tiny little one on the Wiimote is plenty pressable!

Just what I think. I think there´s a legal reason why SONY had to make it 4 separate buttons, and it´s a pity.



NES controller. I always used to rocker my thumb across the A and B buttons, because the first game I played was SMB, and I wanted to be able to jump without letting go of run. After that they always angled the buttons on everything in a way that makes it annoying to rocker your thumb across them, which drove me nuts. At least the Wiimote has the buttons horizontal again like the old NES style.


I like my dual analogue sticks below the face buttons and D-pad.
I like the Classic Controller's lack of handles, but it's lack of rumble and the positioning of the zL/zR buttons kind of annoy me.
The DualShock 2, is brilliant because they don't have the problems that the Classic does, by having rumble and accessible shoulder buttons, but as mentioned, I'm not the biggest fan of handles, and it's not like the D-pad is brilliant.

And FYI, I won't be getting the Classic Controller Pro unless I see the need to get another CC, and even then, the original will still be cheaper, even if it does come out in Europe.

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Atari 2600 controller!

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@ Corbie thats one freaking sweet controller you got there.

Tie between the NES and SIxaxis. NES is the Ultimate for playing 2D Hardcore games and Sixaxis is just the perfect for everything gaming, even motion control when implemented properly.

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Corb--do the Seimitsu sticks use the square restrictor plate or the octagonal? I know you can swap them out (like anything else on a respectable arcade console ), but yours looks out-of-the-box as-is. I'm currently building my own from relative-scratch and wondering what parts to get...don't like how little space you have for your hands on those HORI designs, despite the SF4-TE-stick's "oversized" claim (I think that was the one model after the RealArcade Pro pictured)

-Swerd Murd

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