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What is the best common enemy (ones that reoccur throughout the game) in your mind.
this is my top ten:
10. Waddle-doo (Kirby)
9. Bullet bill (Mario)
8. Ace Trainer (Pokemon)
7. Reaper (The World Ends With You)
6. Gordo (Kirby)
5. Trap Door (FFIV)
4. Space Invader (Space Invaders)
3. Sniper Joe (Megaman)
2. Hammer bro (Mario)
1. Metroid (Metroid)

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Goomba and Koopa.

The Game.

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Skeletons from Golden Axe.



Dragon Quest slime Untitled

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Skeletons, Medusa Heads, Bats, and Armor Dudes from Castlevania.

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Any Mario enemy.

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Any Mario enemy.

The worst common enemy is probably keese.

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that f***ing dog in duck hunt
(not exactly an enemy but I hate him none the less)

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Bats and Rats from Zelda

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Slime is undeniably the king. Goomba is clearly the runner up. I guess the only thing that comes close to either would be the Castlevania bats.


@protozone: the dog is not an enemy. He's just a seemingly useless character.

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I'm with Protozone on this one, who the f*** does that dog think it is? Laughing at me every time I miss the ducks, I'd like to see the dog do better!



Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda.

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It is a tie for me between Darknuts and Wizrobes of The Legend of Zelda fame.

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Slime (Dragon Quest)- Best enemy ever
Pooka (Dig Dug)
Koopa/ Bob-Omb/ Dry Bones (Mario)- Mario always had the coolest enemies...
Medusa Heads (Castlevania)- DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!
Bronto Burt/ Gordo (Kirby)- They're bug-eyed balls of pink fluff with fairy wings, yet have the most macho-sounding name ever. I love it!
Those little hard hat guys from Mega Man
Space Invaders Aliens
Wizzrobes/ Octaroks/ Moblins (Zelda)
Youngster (Pokemon)- "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"

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