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My brother recently has been helping me with He just did a review of the NES Batman game and I took the photos. I think he has a funny way with words. Check it out if you're interested. Vegas Dream coming next. More at

Batman for NES

Fuse together challenging fast paced platforming, gratifying fighting action, and an unmistakable awesome soundtrack. Now put it all into one video game and what you get is Batman for the NES.

8 bit bat by Y=MX+B, on Flickr

It remains to be one of the more memorable games of my childhood, and features one of the most unforgiving final boss fights I’ve ever encountered in a game. This game is based on the first Batman movie, although you may forget that once you see batmans purple suit, never before seen enemies, and some off the wall boss fights. You will find yourself beating down enemies, ninja gaiden wall jumping, and batarang spamming all the way to the Joker. A challenging, exciting, and highly enjoyable game in every way… this is one you dont want to skip over.


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