Topic: Banjo Kazooie why is it not on Virtual Console / Wii U eshop etc. ????

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@Trajan I love Star Fox Adventures too. It's captivating. Funny that Nintendo wanted Dinosaur Planet to become a Star Fox game and that is why Star Fox fans don't like the game.



@BlueOcean To be honest, I don't think Nintendo would be keen on Diddy Kong Racing being released on the Xbox One, since that's one of their rival platforms and it features one of their characters (Diddy Kong in this case). Oh and I think Nintendo is pretty strict with their own properties.

Anyway, my favorite Rare game would have to be Donkey Kong Country 2

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@MarioLover92 Saying that Nintendo is strict is the nicest way to put it.

Donkey Kong Country 2 is a brilliant choice. One of the best 2D platformers I have ever played: level design, soundtrack, visuals, controls, difficulty curve...



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